Nevada, Senator Heller, Republican Party discussed on Erin Burnett OutFront - Trump Shames Sessions, GOP Senators Vote to Debate Health Bill, McCain Returns to Senate for Health Care Vote


What you hopefully we'll do red meat to nevada's republican base because of repeated promises heller made candidate heller in two thousand twelve will also have to repeal this new healthcare bill obamacare 21 new taxes it's killing the middle class senator heller 2017 i'm telling you right now i cannot support the peace of legislation inches away from imos america's and hundreds of thousands of the entire republican party promised to repeal and replace obamacare and they got elected based on that promise and now they're all liars and they've neither gotta do their job or we got a primary everyone them and knock them out one ends on dean heller one and john everyone we heard the same call from some republican voters looking ahead to next year's nevada republican primary as a strong contender within the republican party today data vote form of i'd probably reluctantly vote for just for lack of better options but then again it depends on whose gonna run against him i say this is cannibalism going on right they're eating the wrong political commentator john ralston says heller needs nevada's conservative republican basis survived next year's primary i want to compliment senator howard but he also needs moderates who support and about as popular republican governor brian sandoval they stood side by side as they rejected the initial senate healthcare bill a difficult dance the raulston says has tripped up heller which dean heller we're going to cease a onesided doesn't trust him and the other sides mad at him mets tough to thread that needle in a race.

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