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Hello Antony Fennell. Welcome to future tense on our in Matt would like to think that counterculture movements have a vibrant future. He's not happy happy that they so often become commercialized mainstream. But what if we've misunderstood the role of counterculture all along. What if it's future facing role is as part of the natural cycle of capitalism? It's counterintuitive thought and it's the one we'll explore today the only duty as Americans to fight for our country Wall Street was meant to be the beginning of a great counterculture movement it was loud attention grabbing and ultimately totally successful. Even one of its main organizers eventually founded highly derivative my name is Michael White and I am the author of the end of protest best and also the CO creator of Occupy Wall Street. I started when I was thirteen my experiences activists since thirteen has been that we've seen basically a change in what the objective is. You know like if you talk to activists in the eighteenth nineteenth and twentieth century the goal of activism but goal of protests the goal of social movements was revolution. It was to take control of the government to put in a better government and then make positive change for everyone whereas in the twenty first century is become social marketing marketing activism has become about spreading ideas changing the way people see the world and like those are positive and good things but that is not what activism is really about activism is supposed to be about positive transformative social change. That's political that's inherently political. What's going on here is that there's different paradigms or ways of understanding how we're going to achieve social change through activism and the dominant paradigm is basically? This idea that social change is going to result from getting large numbers. The people to do certain behaviors in the streets in the material in the natural world. And so if you stop believing though in the possibility and desirability of revolution then the behavior that you start to ask people become purely performance because there's nothing else to ask them to do so that's why we started doing these large spectacular marches and stuff like that so I think that that activism has become about performance is a symptom of that. There's nowhere else to go when you don't really believe in revolution if you had talked to like the Great Revolutionaries Mary's of the twentieth century and all this kind of stuff you know. They're living under tremendous hardship. That never talked about the goal of revolution and activism. Being Somehow feel good so I think that one of the things is is that we've replaced transformative change with other goals so going to protest marches like the equivalent of going to see a show or see a concert. It's like a way of connecting with friends and these are all good and great and fine but again if that's the primary objective of activism protests. Dead take listen YOU LISTEN TO I. I don't know what is wrong. And if the performance of decorative creative co cruised side of counterculture that makes it so open to commercialization and it's always been that way says doctors. Fan Broad Merckel Assistant Justin Professor of advertising an integrated marketing communications at Bond University. Even back in the fabled sixties and seventies on on a cultural level there was of course a huge rift between the counter culture movement protesting against consumerism and mess societies and the ideas say the establishment had about how society is supposed to be run however on a kind of entrepreneurial. Yeah no you're lever. They're probably not that far apart because think about capitalism just as a kind of broader system the capitalist list system then when it comes to profit motives doesn't really care that much where the prophet is coming from so as soon as I get. The kind of niche is culture that makes itself available in terms of new lifestyles and new products. They are looking into its business. Opportunity for for the KAPITULA systems. Such there might be individual capitalist using the language counterculture language who might be opposed to certain values values coming out of the cocoa but overall the system really doesn't care if there's a new market that can be exploited from a capitalist point of view. Yeah let's go for it like to buy the world a home and furnish.

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