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With the interview the same place we always start here on sam robber dressing podcast the interview in this week it's big gas i haven't heard much from big has since he went down with an injury the night after summer slam if you guys remember the night summer slam he wrestle the match against the big show with enzo inside a cage on and off it was the greatest match of all time but i didn't joy the spot where enzo greased himself up and slipped out of the bars of the cage the next night on wrong he wrestled a match against enzo in a match that i thought was going to be kind of the end of the ends el casting this is before the end zone that we know today this was when is it before bad guy enzo that everybody hated which was actually making him really really good and and making 205 lives something the newsworthy this is before that this was when enzo was really just there to get beat up by big gas and it seemed like it was going to happen once more to me is a fan watching i thought to myself this this big gas enzo match the night after summer slim is the transition the transition match which is going to lead big gas into whatever is waiting for him after this unfortunately for everybody involved big cast went down with an injury in the middle of the match you could tell going back and watched the tape watching the tape it's really uh it's really a a nasty thing to watch not just because of the injury but you can see the emotion and cast his face you can see what it's done to him how how pasty is about the whole thing and i don't blame him but he's been rehabbing he's been home for i guess that makes it what demery almost two months now he's been in home.

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