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Wonder where they were. They. Really low Carolina. Yeah I don't know I was gonna guess them because I know they're Super Bowl. Year or the year they went. To the, Super Bowl, they were I think thirtieth they right. There. With the bills right Oh. Really Benjamin was out the whole season the year Carolina made the. Super? Bowl right. That's right. That's right and his best year still his. First, year Right thousand yards nine touchdowns so we are looking at Thomson just so I say. It it's not like. This should be or is all the number one Cora later between for, winning. Mean a. Lot of. Times it's losing teams top of that list Losing right right but, it's not because it's to them I think I think to the NFL and I think too many fans maybe most that's like the defining point there is that The three hundred yard passers, fans can pretty much just sort of. Blurred out to you how one hundred yard rushers. Mean you win and three hundred yard passers don't. Necessarily mean you maybe it means you lose but that's because of the score affects that's the only that's the bottom, line, on. This not because rushing is good and, passing his bed it's not at all because that is because of the score effects. Because losing teams throw the ball more if If you throw the ball more you should be better no matter who your quarterback is just that you should do it passing plays offer. More reward than running plays, teams tend to just not accept this. It's now that they wouldn't know it they just. Wouldn't think they don't think this way they think. You know racks McDermott is some version of him it's ball control field position you down physical all that. Stuff And all these years you know I. Know New England has Brady they still. Like they're the team for this they. Just throw it over you and win like you're just going well we played the game the right way we. Just don't have, Tom Brady how how is, that life going And in fact, this is again Warren sharp in me talking. About this it's even more important and his, his research has reflected this. That if you have a poor quarterback. That you throw the ball more. Because of how teams play you There's even more in it Sean McCoy and, like no good quarterback as the bills kinda BB will be, as this season gets going how'd you defenses play that team he just got to stop the running back So it's even more important that that team then a team with a, great quarterback throw the ball on first down, it's not just..

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