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Today in our delaying more than 2200 Delta United set Thursday they had to cancel dozens of flights because of a pilot shortage brought on by the acron surge Bad weather also is forcing flight delays and cancellations This comes as triple-A's forecasting air travel nearly tripling over last year Dante Wright's mother says the moment she heard Kim Potter was guilty she let out a Yelp It was built up in the anticipation of what was to come while we were waiting for the last few days Katie Bryant then thanked the prosecution and called this a long process former Minnesota police officer Potter was found guilty of manslaughter by a Minnesota jury for killing Dante Wright during a traffic stop Another mudslide has hit a wildfire scarred section of California Santa Anna mountains this resident describes what it was like It sounds like a freight train I mean the boulders just crashed and trees like full sized trees come flying through so fast It's hard to even imagine if you don't haven't actually seen it The mudslide was reported amid heavy rainfall in the Silverado canyon area at about 8 o'clock last night just as mandatory evacuation orders took effect Christmas Eve is here and that means Santa is on the move more from Mark Mayfield Norad the North American aerospace defense command is tracking his progress as it has done every year since 1955 Santa begins delivering presence in the South Pacific then heads west until he wraps up in Canada the U.S. Mexico and South America and he moves fast stopping at nearly 400,000 homes a minute You can track his journey on norad's website The official norad tracks Santa app or by calling the hot line at one 8 7 7 high norad Gas prices are dropping for the fourth day in a row triple-A reports a national average for regular is now under $3 and 29 cents a gallon I'm Michael casner Researchers at one poll say Christmas is one of the lonely days of the year for single people Julie Carpenter tells us why The pollsters surveyed 1500 single British adults and found that Christmas topped Valentine's Day as the loneliest day of their year or out of ten said they felt like the holiday shines a spotlight on their single status especially when spending the holidays with family because family members are always asking about their love life A look back at one of the top stories of the year Here's Wendy wild Americans started 2021 facing the economic impacts of business shutdowns slowdowns and quarantines that started the year before And then it turned cold a polar vortex literally froze a third of the nation's natural gas supply chain It was another frigid night for the nearly 3 million households that are still without power We put a Morgan cesky natural gas prices went up as much as 4000% in some places Some of the challenges we faced in 2021 will likely follow us into the new year Companies need more workers especially supply chain workers like truck drivers over the summer U.S. wages grew at the fastest pace in 20 years but prices started going up Most African inflationary pressures that we've seen in the last 30 years Economist Ernie goss Wall Street has had record highs and the housing boom has continued driving home sales.

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