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Former Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is heading to Seattle today to meet with the team about rejoining them for week seventeen and their postseason run there in need of running backs of a depleted backfield and I'm Robert Turbin will also reportedly meet with the team NFL media reporting that eagles tight end Zach heard suffered a fractured rib in last night's whenever the cowboys came back in and played after suffering the injury but is availability is not yet known for Phillies a Phillies game Sunday against the giants and of course the eagles can clinch the NFC east with a win bagels are finally placing receiver AJ green on injured reserve Texans head coach bill o'brien says didn't plan to rest any starters week seventeen against the Titans and in colleges give Zach is the new number one followed by Ohio state level Duke and Kansas rounding out the top five I'm Jeff cars and broadcasting from the big bad barbecue studio ticket seven six seven four eight three eight back to top previously on the rich Eisen show Ron Rivera here on the rich Eisen show what about your future but I'm open it and to be a head coach in this league it's funny I work on bearing you know for for a number of of of possibilities out there just try to get myself ready yeah I I I took a week off of football for all of last week once you get back out there so you can quit come on the rich Eisen show is coming and yeah right now it is it is it this is the rich Eisen show to Keller your available now on the rich Eisen show out you can catch up on what you've missed you can listen to us live you can download our the rich Eisen show here he is sitting in for red like Keller so here we go third and final hour the rich Eisen show on this Monday we wish you a very happy and safe holiday wherever you might be wherever you might be traveling we hope that it is fantastic for you and and all of those great thoughts as we enter into a few holiday days on my color that is John Kuhn we're sitting in for rich in the boys on the rich Eisen show throughout the week this week and let's do this John you're in Minnesota tonight for on the Packers radio broadcast team for Green Bay in Minnesota these two teams met in week two I wanna Juxtapoz that with the final game of the NFL season which will be Sunday night in Seattle and those two teams met six weeks ago is there what is the take away from all week to meeting you know the Packers Vikings tonight some fourteen weeks later and a a week ten or eleven meeting in the final week can you play off the first meeting more or less how much of that comes into play yeah I mean there's a lot of times when you'll see divisional opponents play each other and play each other twice in a month you know yeah wise within twenty eight days and when when that occurs there's a whole game plan switch back that goes into place you know it I remember we used to play the bears and and it was like clockwork every game they place in an under frying with the Sam on the ball and and and and that's the way they tried to you know protect plants breaks in and keep blockers off of him and then the second game they'd run over front with three linebackers off the ball and so the the do that to give you different things to look at now as you just play them just just two games before and this with this situation of a whole season in between I think you can just play your game again but you game plan for what you see you know how you want to attack on the other side so I don't I don't expect a whole lot of of differences between the way that these guys looked with a lineup the rosters and things of that nature they're just gonna have little wrinkles in to to try and attack one another there's a guy by the name of Mike Boone is gonna be carrying the load for the Vikings offensively as a running back tonight boon we we saw in the second half a week ago against the LA Chargers when the Chargers had maybe stepped out of the stadium for a bit yeah thank you yeah and but he ran hard it was hard to tell you brought that up earlier when we visited with Paul Allen the voice of the Vikings that you couldn't really tell one thing we know evil he's any NFL because he belongs there but he's not Dalvin cook I mean he is not their lead running back and that was also by design it's because he's not supposed to be but he will be tonight how much does that impact what happens I mean I think it does I think it impacts dramatically and you know he's not double cook Dalvin cook has not been Dalvin cook for the last month he's been he's averaging about sixty yards a game over the last month of the football season because he's been nicked up as well so the Vikings what they've been able to do even with him not being as productive as he was earlier in the year shows you that they are a well rounded off it's a well rounded team and they can survive and find ways to make things happen I'm really interested in this boom he's he's a special cat now he he has a four four forty so he is home run potential the majority of his stats have all been in the preseason but but like Paul Allen said these guys can play the he's here not big but not by accident because he is a player and and I think the beginning of this game how you see it play out and then he said he expects Green Bay to sit back and kind of protect themselves with cousins I I would I would I would bet Green Bay attacks because since the I mean that would be by that would be my mindset is I'm going to attack this this offense I'm going to rush the passer and and stop the run on the way to the password that would be my approach on how to stop this this Viking steam and if Mike boom comes out and is the store any rushes for a hundred and fifty yards against us and they control the clock and and they beat us that way then I would have to live with that because I don't know might be tonight I'm doubting he can do that but Hey you know they're gonna run are often still they're still going to run the football and set up the play action because that's where their explosive please come from so I'm I'm taking the big play from cousins there are a lot of unknowns with the seventeen games to play in the NFL's regular season this much we do know the Baltimore Ravens are the team you've got a knock off in the A. F. C. they are they are the favorite in fact I ran it's what our poll question earlier today asking if you had a choice to take the ravens or the field in the A. F. C. to go to two Superbowl fifty four who would you take fifty three percent are taken the ravens over the field I get it I understand it Lamar Jackson and the way the ravens are playing that makes all the sense in the world to me and we got pretty good news on mark Ingram it's a calf strain not something more significant that significant enough we'll see what happens in twenty days when they play their next meaningful game but John I want to pose the question to you if I made you do the same thing in the NFC who would be your team versus the field because I think it's wide open so I'm asking you to handicap the top of the NFC who's the team to beat with one week and then the playoffs to go can I answer this a few days I mean this this right this the difficult part about this in the embassy and insist I want to say I want to say the same sport right now they currently are sitting in the three position that means they have to play three games and with that they're going to have to go on the road twice that that's that's a tough thing to to take the same set of that dumb now it's the the the the future still has a glimmer of hope US still looks bright that they could get that by and if they get that body and and and even god forbid they get that one seat and that in that playoff reduced room the warrants again then I would say that's the team to take over the field if that scenario plays out yeah I would I would make it the forty Niners and and the only reason that people I think are hesitating on that is the home lost two weeks ago to Atlanta when they get beat on their home field twenty nine twenty two otherwise San Francisco has a what we've seen from time to time has been a very high caliber defense they can turn you over and get after your quarterback and an offense that features talent at both the receiver position and the tight end position I would have I would have a handicap San Francisco as the team to beat but to your point I think it's an open race I think that that any one of four maybe even five teams could come out of the NFC and at the two teams to play tonight I think Green Bay has some flaws but the two teams to play tonight I wouldn't be shocked to see them come out of the NFC New Orleans San Francisco and I did have Seattle in there until the spate of running back injuries I think it's one of the four teams that that I just mentioned Minnesota at Green Bay San Francisco or New Orleans but wait Seattle's get money Lynch read it over bad baby they got the running back but you can't discount Seattle for one thing Russell Wilson and he's got a home game this weekend to ensure that he has home games in the playoffs so that's why I mean I I'm not discounting Seattle whatsoever as long as Ross Wilson is under center and and playing quarterback for them he he is just he's had his his had name be P. year if not for Lamar Jackson he's had a stupendous season yeah the forty hours ago but they've they've they've been on a little bit of a swipe of the you know the they had to play the ravens who who we love they played I'm tough they had a tough game with the saints were George kill basically took the took everything on his own back there he said mode plays the role right I mean they're talking about Marshawn Lynch that was willow George George kill somebody I mean the the the loss to the falcons now I get the falcons of a hundred twenty million dollars on their offense so so that that's a tough one there and they they got played tough to get tested by the whims I thought the rams were in that game the whole way so their battle tested for sure but how exhausted are they going to be I just told you that that's that's a pretty ridiculous stretch there before you play your last game at Seattle and then if you do come out of that how tall I mean how exhausted is that team going to be and how beat up or they they just lost their center for the year so how many M. they've had a lot of injuries this year as well so I I to me still some question marks with San Francisco definitely a great resume that they've put together throughout the course of the season but I just think that once while at the in the years to be a lot to overcome yeah I I'm curious to to what we're gonna see and there there is a lesson the National Football League is king for a reason because we cannot wait we've got a game tonight and then we have five days to talk about everything that will be on the line next Sunday and then another five days until you get wildcard Saturday so the the NFL is king and they are in the middle of their rain right now with what we get over the final over the next five weeks so M. there's a game tonight so I wanted to transition into tonight's game we're gonna visit with the voice.

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