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Welcome back to another episode high and mighty it's me your point noble one one four four four johny gijon gabor's joining me always in high mighty studios my nearly silent co host arthur gabor's arthur give them a shout oh yeah dude premium content thanks for subscribing men please click like also joining me in the high and mighty studios is returning guests formerly the most recurring guest on high and mighty still might hold the title due to some bad decisions of the past ben rogers from the action boys podcast and sean clements from hollywood and other episodes of high and mighty as well guys thank you for joining me here i mean obviously i should have my dog here for this particular episode and of all the dogs too he is at work with his mom and he will squeak a toy la on hollywood handbook because he comes to those recordings and people will hear it and a lot of people will right even my dog can enjoy this show because they get excited about the squeaky toy that's interesting there was one time that we were doing the teaser freezer segment on hollywood handbook for all the high and mighty listeners that don't know we will break down a movie teaser for the audience and in the day can guess yes that is where they can get it now we stopped doing that stuff on the real show so in the teaser someone rang a doorbell and who was sound asleep on the other side of the room and only could've heard it through our headphones jumped up it started barking like super aggressively at visually at it scared everyone.

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