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What is that you're doing to be cloudy played beaver because rabies on here this afternoon the Christian music this is Chris ruby theme music a radiologist is before we get into place now I like the headline and you don't I did you know I did with this Raby I just tweeted it out yes he loves it when I say that got a Florida lizards with that yeah Florida lizard sets depressing record for constipation in a living animal researchers at the university of Florida and the Florida museum found a record setting lizard in cocoa beach the northern curly tailed lizard Chris's been feeding near a grease bin at a pizza restaurant muffles of insects and Anil and greasy sand congealed into an on passable glob of poop nearly eighty percent of the animals total body mass Chris this is the largest and I dare you to challenge me on this the largest known feces to body mass ratio recorded in a living animal sounds like quarantine life for that you should see this the looks like an a is like a tiny lizard full poop in looks like an alligator basically saying use charts at a pizza shop and just eating greasy bugs yeah that's what happens in a pandemic shot I've got a guy exactly that's life all right let's play Blake's now can we do this year this guy won the Cy Young Award he's a picture right now for the chapter is will there be major league baseball this year and we take a pay cut I'm not yeah I understand so because you are going to probably play for the love of the game man what's wrong with you bro money should not be a thing bro I'm risking my life.

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