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Same conversations we're having now these are conversations we were having back in the sixties and the fifties and i just wanna say one thing too that people in our country do not understand how i country was built and how it's even not with immigrants that are doing all of the heavy work just limping that the movie does show in the nation so there's no appreciation gratitude there there's no recognition and so we've got to go back to our educational systems we've got a teach with the contributions have been people of color of women of labor unions we would have an eight hour day we wouldn't have safety standards we wouldn't have minimum wages if it were not for the labor unions public education we wouldn't have that and so i think the one thing that may come out of all of this is that when we see the ugly face of racism and you know what it is brought us to our society that then everybody's has a say okay it's time that we ended this cancer it's time to ended the demagogically against women you know women are treated like lesser human beings and you know we've got and the hate against you know people are lgbt community and so i think it's a call to arms it's a call to action for all of our society to say everybody we've got to step up and we've got to change i have not our democracy cannot sustain itself we cannot have a democracy if not everyone is treated equally and the people do not participate dolores huerta is the subject of the documentary dolores peter bratt is the film's writer director and producer delores thank you so much.

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