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Ninety point three it's voice of everybody sheila bell bell here with the bell report headlines kaelin cars celebrates her twenty first birthday at all happened on sunday at the new mercy's church in atlanta georgia she folks coming in from all over the place florida virginia louisiana arkansas tennessee kentucky so many of the places but happy birthday mr ceylan stella award nominate independent recording artist brian poppins latest radio single step in the name from the billboard chart topping project i got out continues to hold steady at the top thirty position for now three weeks also chart topping artists jason nelson has created a musical ekhard fans share with their loved ones aren't of mother's day from now through may thirteenth fans worldwide can generate and share personalized e car with a photo of their choice and personal message the car will also include an encouraging scripture from isaiah sixty six thirteen also vincent country faith driven family lifestyle brand committed to positive social impact as officially launched nationwide develop by troy and tom vincent the brand was founded on the premise of enriching the culture in communities through intentional service and legacy inspire cooking quoting here at the core of family is faith and friends we are looking forward to sharing both through vinson county and that from tom vincent family maitre also known as chief tommy the food also international jazz day two thousand eighteen came to phenomenal close and think petersburg russia following extraordinary allstar global concert historic theater that capped off several days of education outreach programs across the city the concert led by artistic directors behan cock and eager put men or stream live in the nation's oprah winfrey's network has announced its popular long running docu series welcome to sweetie pies premier its fifth and final season a special sneak preview on tuesday has a half not also will be following series about the drama that comes with running family operated so empire continue and.

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