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After 20 years, Every single U. S service member is now out of Afghanistan. General Frank McKenzie, who heads US Central Command, says the withdrawal has ended and with it the military mission that began shortly after 9 11 Air Force transport planes Ferried the final troops out of Kabul after a chaotic, too weak evacuation of civilians. McKenzie says some 6000 American citizens were pulled out, but some were left behind. We did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out a final chapter to a war likely to be remembered for colossal failures and the deaths of more than 2000 Americans. The Taliban celebrated the departure with gunfire after driving the world's most powerful military out of their homeland. Soccer Megane Washington. Well, I would make a distinction in that regard. Quote Driving us out is hardly the case. We decided to leave. Uh, we were hardly driven out, but I'm sure that's the narrative that will be written. We're talking with the Lieutenant Jason Redman. He is a retired Navy seal. And, uh, He has joined us tonight. He's the best selling author as well and we'll talk about, uh, his memoir, The Trident. We in particular. Want to talk about a group called the The Pineapple Express and Lieutenant Redmond. Thank you for being with us tonight. Timbo honored to be on Thanks for having me. Thank you very much. What is the Pineapple Express? For those who have not heard about this? Pineapple Express or Task Force. Pineapple is a group of special operations. Uh, a former intelligence and even some of our members of the spy community that got together and basically said You know what's happening here is not right. So many of the individuals that we worked with these incredible Afghan allies that we served with time and time again on the battlefield who risked their lives for us. It even saved us providing information even fighting alongside us. Um, you know, President Biden promised them that he would bring them home. And when that did not occur, Uh Lieutenant Colonel Scott Mans, the founder of the Task Force, Pineapple or the Pineapple Express, They said, you know what? We're going to lean on our own networks. We're going to lean on their experiences. We have unique skills and we know how to use them. And he basically created a virtual underground railroad mechanism called the Pineapple Express, and they managed to get out our first individual out of Karzai International Airport. And from there, we said, You know what? Let's Let's keep going and I joined shortly after that, and to date, we have managed to get out. Over 650 Americans, Afghan allies, interpreters, numerous VIPs and and we're not done as a matter of fact. Now the real work begins because we still have Americans and we have thousands. Anywhere up to 80,000 Afghans who are received special immigrant visa status, who are now trapped behind enemy lines. Now you folks are acting in a private capacity. I do believe you all have great military experience. But I don't believe you have any of the official military infrastructure behind you. Would I be correct in that regard you are acting As private individuals, highly trained private individuals but private individuals nonetheless. You are correct. We are Operating on our own, although not without trying. We have reached out on all sides to try and get this, this current administration, our Department of state, the government and the military to get involved. And you know, they give some lip service to it. But unfortunately, it appears they are unable or unwilling to make things happened and we just said, um, you know the promise was made and we're going to honor that promise. So people can help by going operation recovery dot org right now, because we're moving on to the next phase, the recovery phase where it gets much more difficult to do this. What is it that you wind up doing in terms of, uh, getting these people out? I assume it involves the EU again, not as official agents of the U. S government, presumably without any support. From the U. S government will get into that in a moment here, but at private citizens essentially infiltrating a foreign country and engaging in actions, which Shall we say, Uh, entirely, uh, un supported and, uh and, uh, unauthorized That is correct. But once again, we're honoring the promise and for you know, most of us are not on the ground. As a matter of fact, As far as Americans go, we have very few, uh other than individuals that might have already been there. Beyond that it is we are using our networks. We are using our relationships with individuals on the ground and all around the world. So many people say, Well, how many people are in task Force pineapple? And our reply as we're all task force pineapple. We are all over the country. We're all over the world. We are individuals who are leveraging our unique skills and networks. And that's how we're making this happen were, you know Basically utilizing technology and creativity to be able to move these individuals out, and I hope that if you're out there, and I hope that, if any, our government officials, uh, you know for us, it's not about the right. It's not about the left. It's about that. We will leave no man behind and we will continue to work. And we really hope that at some point the government will say You know what we need to do the right thing we need to help them. We need to get these people home. We need to honor that promise we made to them. Amen to that. We'll continue with more at 18665, Jimbo. Our number 1866554626 with retired Navy feel Lieutenant Jason Redman. The group is operation recovery.

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