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You've got some businesses in Wisconsin that are packed to the Gills. What we need to do is let Wisconsin be smart in inlet Wisconsin. Decide how it wants to open. Yeah, that's right. I mean I literally had my list that we had pulled together so that we could kind of move forward and say all right. What are the issues that absolutely have to be tackled and as soon as I kind of started to go through that list? You know that's when the governor cut me off and basically was like well I. Hope you're proud of yourselves you know. Look at the bars last night. They were just packing people and my resort to that was. You know quite honestly unbear- phrasing, but you're out of the loop governor, you know. Why don't you take some time and figure out what's actually going out on the street? Instead of just being held up in the mansion, I'll guy you know. There's hundreds of people every Saturday and home depot or Costco or any other superstar, and he didn't like that what that was the reality at that point where we were in dire discussion so? Wisconsin in Wisconsin, we have. We have laws that actually govern the recording of conversation and today I'm reading that a spokesman for the governor has denied that he had any knowledge whatsoever that this phone conversation was being recorded. Well your the parties to the conversation. You're the ones who are having the conversation, and if I'm reading Wisconsin. Law and I'm allowed to read Wisconsin Law to the you know the sort of definitional what the words mean. One of you had to consent having that that recorded, so if governor everts didn't consent to that, and you didn't and Robin Vase, didn't then who did, and if it wasn't at the request of the governor that seems to me pretty be pretty blunt violation of the law. Someone in that room had a recording device on their phone or some other mechanism. And Beta decided to do this on their own. So the governor's admission yesterday that he was completely unaware that which one of the other people that was in that room with them in harm's way because they absolutely broke the law, they absolutely broke the law. It's so scary to me. The governor of the state could be on the phone with the two legislative leaders and have some rogue staffer in their recording that conversation if he was. Was Unaware of it back. Even that's worse worse than if he did. Know about it. In my estimation, what is going on over there and WHO's in charge? That's the bet. The series of questions that the press is onto now and he won't answer them, they're. They're dodging everyday over there right now. He's not responsible for this. By the way if Tony Everts is responsible for this of Tony Ever said I want this phone conversation recorded. If Tony Ebbers agreed. When somebody asked you to record the phone conversation, he said yes. That's actually legal. It's sleazy. It's Nick Sonian, but it's actually legal, but if he says he didn't know anything about it, somebody's on the hook for breaking the law and if it were me..

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