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To be their best selves. So if you wanna go watch this thing. It is over on the tray. Farkas youtube channel. If you want to go watch it but if not you're listening out on a walk in the garden cooking cleaning on the treadmill whatever it is you're doing i do hope you kick back and enjoy my conversation with shelby lamb so some photos that you've been posting recently came across my feet and i was like all right. This girl seems really interesting adventurous. We could talk about the things here so shelby lamps. You excited to welcome you today. Thank you for joining me. How are you. I'm so they give much for having me. It was so unexpected but like such a pleasant surprise. Wow i feel so cool. I'm like a cool cooked in park girl. Now are you are definitely a cool park girl. Definitely one of the coolest girls do ever wanted them park. I'm sure every guy twenty thirteen. Kind of custer that which by the way i am using these hsien twenty thirteen yearbook to prop up my laptop right now. So amazing i don't even know where mine is. honestly. I really got with that out for the men's okay. So there's a bunch. I wanna talk to you about an. I will try to get you out of this in time because you've got your big bachelorette final to go to catch me up quick. What's the situation what's going down tonight. We're talking on monday. So currently the season ended early. Because she i don't really know she was down to the bottom three last week. There's a guy. She was clearly in love with wouldn't tell tell him she loves him even though he was saying he loved her any kind of losses. Shit in left and then that's where they left it so now we have him gone only to last but i don't think that she gets engaged at the end so we got to see how it all works out interesting. Okay yeah i'll have to go back and watch it all. I wanna i talk to you about today. So you've been doing just wrapped up a big trip out. West route in utah and nevada arizona. And all these places. I was out west earlier this year. I was just bouncing around. I i was living in colorado for a couple of months. Bounce around oregon. California arizona is really my first time ever spending a lot of time out there. And i fell in love with. It is so much different than the east coast. I'm a big history. Buff in so history is just completely different. And it's so young out there but in terms of how long these places have actually been states as part of the united states. So i absolutely loved my time out. There almost considered living out in colorado. I've decided to move to new hampshire are moving there in two weeks actually and yes. It is very exciting. I'm super pumped about moving to portsmouth. Which i don't know if ever been but at its you're listening you haven't been there very cool see coach town but this trip. I wanna talk about it with you first of all. I tried to plan trips with my friends. It's so difficult to do at these days because just the older you get the more responsibilities you have jobs. Relationships people are flakes like people or less inclined to want to do things. Now just a thing about getting old i guess. How are you able to. I pull this off. So it's actually kind of a funny story. So i back in january when my boss opened up the year of pto requests. I just requested off my birthday leaks. Sounds like i'll find something to do. And then in like june or maybe late may early..

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