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They ran the ball young not tomorrow. They were in the top five in the league right now. They're str-. They've been struggling because they couldn't run the ball RPO. There was no RPO in that situation. And so now, you get atoms in there who's now you have someone you can lean on a little bit with the running game, regardless if he's a undrafted guy or not you want to lean on a guy and have the ability to do it and it works. I mean, I always try to always play the notion with quarterbacks, right? And I think we have a guy here who kind of defies everything and Kurt Warner. Her, you know, people say, well, you can find a running back anywhere. We'll Kurt Warner was undrafted, dude. Right. So you can find any player really any New England who kind of is close to that descr. Exactly. So don't tell me you need first round quarterbacks. When some of the some hall of famers Joe I mean, Joe Montana. It was like fourth round, right? There's he's third rat. If you want to play that game that is funding. Johnny United States was cut by the Steelers a lot to do. So it doesn't it doesn't. When you take when you draft in the first round, you're drafting the best player available that you have when you're boys what you should be doing or player, you think can change your game. That's why I think saquon Barkley went to the giants. Or are you gonna tell me you rather have some of these other quarterbacks that saquon Barkley like, yes? I would I wou I still I still who don't look at Eddie behind it gets up. Sam darnold is. So I'd rather have. Yeah. I listen, you know, can I tell you? This is. To tell me, do, you know? And this is this is because I think Sam will eventually be a really good quarterback or a good quarterback. You know, he leaves the league and picks miss four games. I now. Okay. Are you always have said that you've been steadfast with saying MAURICE that Sam darnold has he's a tunnel every and every bottle machine not going to change in the end. So you want that? No. I think it's the end of the world though, just because the world has been convinced by Bella check, and Sean Payton that the most important thing from a QB is accuracy it is. It's not there's John Elway Brett farve. Ben, rob. They were linger guys on there. They're accurate more than Josh Allen and Sam darnold. Accuracy is something is the most important, no degree you. Can't learn accuracy, either you have or you don't is simple. Okay. But I by the way, the other thing is was spaghetti by the point. I always make spaghetti and anyone else who wants argue saquon with me is Walter Payton and Barry Sanders are two of the very best of all time until the very end of Walter Payton's career, neither one of them got anywhere close to a Super Bowl. But I can I can make an argument about about quarterbacks that are really good. That have also that's not maybe not won a Super Bowl. But a good quarterback. You tend to be can do inner. Well, let's look at Matt Ryan, for example. I didn't put him into that group. So who'd you put the let's look at Aaron Rodgers this year. I'm letting x. Game five games this year. Marie. It's not. But had bad now Eddie spaghetti's angry that I said that about his his new hero. And so now, he's cut this interview. Darnold, really, I would I would almost impossibly Baker Mayfield possibly well. Wasn't there out almost say Lamar Jackson? I could see that one as well. But ever stating we've been my guy even the baby that I love and know the chosen one he's struggling right now, it is you need to have quarterbacks need boss around on the be successful. Okay. Spaghetti is now saying that the network producers are texting look time to go. Go ahead MAURICE. Thank you so much. We we thank you for your for your time. It's precious as we know especially around the holidays all the best the Jones drew clan up there in the East Bay have a happy holidays. And now, let's get to week sixteen showy..

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