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Get a drain cleaning for only $99. Way of traffic and weather on the AIDS. Rob would fork is in the traffic center, You know issues around the capital Beltway, this time in either Maryland or Virginia or outer loops, But inside the Beltway on, I 66 headed eastbound after the exit for Washington Boulevard. Just a single right lane Getting you buy the work zone this morning on 95 in Fredericksburg headed North bound, heavy and slow going, too. In past Route three. The work zone in place for the Guard rail repair blocking a lane of travel in Warrenton. It's been a while since we've had an update US 29 South bound near the intersection with Lee's Mill Road. We had some police activity blocking the right side of the roadway. Unclear if that remains the case in Maryland, traveling route 50 anywhere between Of the capital Beltway. In Annapolis, You should find the travel lanes open. But on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge headed eastbound had a disabled vehicle along the right side. I believe they're in the process of clearing that if it hasn't cleared already, the delays already beginning to ease on the Baltimore Washington Parkway headed north bound right around. 32 was where we last saw the mobile work crews when last seen they were along the right side. Folks traveling on 301 crossing the very nice Mac Middleton Bridge doing so by alternating past the work zone today. In the district on the north bound side of the Third Street Tunnel may see some delays approaching New York Avenue. There is a work zone in place with just the left lane getting you buy. Aerojet Rocketdyne is advancing Defense propulsion meets the extended range speed and legality needs of tomorrow. Learn how Aerojet Rocketdyne is moving defense faster and farther, first at rocket dot com. Rob would fork w GOP traffic Let's get our forecast. Now from Chuck Bell. Our weather patterns been pretty stable all week long, Foggy and cloudy in the mornings and sunny and warm in the afternoons. That's.

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