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Call us at eight seven to nine three seven seven six eight eight eight say ESPN. So we've been talking about me being in space. If you're watching on TV. I want to give him a gift. Where'd you get this? Artsy grabbed the arts and crafts department hooked us up. There you go. Space. Oh, buzz light year. I'm gonna take to me, it's mine male. And so for those of you listening on the radio head McGee is holding a photograph of buzz light year, and it's got mcgee's face on it. Yeah. And I mean, it's fantastic. What should we name this? So as mardi than what are you? We'll come up with somebody. Okay. So to to expand NBA I was when I turned away series the underwear laws light year last night. Rated just said buzz buzz. That's pretty good. Yeah. That's pretty good. Okay. We'll go out. Okay. When I turned away from the underwear Olympics last night, mostly out of embarrassment. Turned on Ken burns PBS documentary on the Vietnam war. Well, and it's quite it's quite the battleship turn right there. It was. I just was I could not turn it off. It was unbelievably well done. I learned so much that I did not know and I'm embarrassed. You know, it's an interesting how in this life. When you have everything your fingertips. You're completely disinterested. In everything it took to give you that life. Right. Right. And I think a lot of people our age in their early forties, whose fathers or fathers, friends or whomever fault in that war. Just did not realize the true magnitude of the hill that those people experienced we were at the we were born at the end of it. Right. We came along is that was winding down. So. Yeah. By the time we were old enough to to understand it the world who moved on to something else. I just I want. If we have veterans listening that fall in Vietnam or any war for that matter or served at all, you know, how pre she'd if I am of your service, but I just learned so much in that documentary and then on the way down here this morning. Ironically, I had on my create these playlists and whatnot that I listen to on the track down here every morning and have you ever heard that song old hippie by the Bill Bellamy brothers? Oh, yeah. So I'll really digested this morning. What that songs about? It has an awesome. Melody an awesome beat to it. But the words of it are unbelievable. And there's just one line. And where it goes back in the sixties. He thought everyone was hip, and then they sent him off the Vietnam on his senior trip. Yep. And you sit there, and you think man those dudes were seventeen eighteen nineteen years old going over there to make sure you know, that we're free. Well, that's the part of my my grandfather. And I've been doing a lot. We lost nanna Lynn my mother-in-law lasts a week ago and someone doing a lot of reflecting as one will do in that situation. And I was thinking a lot about my grandparents because this is my my daughter lost her, the first grandparent is she's lost..

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