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The days since rick dykstra resigned as president of the ontario progressive conservative party the followed as largely been contained to the provincial party now however it is becoming a more serious issue for the federal conservatives because before he was the head of the ontario progressive conservative party mr dykstra was a federal member of parliament and according to reported maclean's magazine conservative party officials allowed mr dykstra to stand as a candidate in 2015 and they did that despite knowing that he was accused of sexual misconduct today federal conservative leader andrew shue here's said that he has instructed his party to launch an independent investigation into question surrounding rick dykstra federal candidacy here's what he had to say recently there have been serious allegations about a decision taken by unnamed individuals involved with the parties two thousand and fifteen campaign anonymous sources have claimed that the decision in question allowed a specific candidate to run for our party despite serious sexual assault allegations now it is difficult to ascertain the facts when sources are speaking anonymously to the media so to gather these facts i have instructed their conservative party of canada to retain the services of an outside independent thirdparty who can investigate the situation fully goforward basis we'll be strengthening the code of conduct for allparty staff and ensuring candidates are subject to it as well the additional measures will include mandatory training once we have these processes established i will make the details available to our caucus two candidates and conservative party members that was federal conservative leader andrew sheer speaking earlier today.

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