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I'm gonna make it a split and give them a late start game but john for one and one. Yeah the he. I don't i don't think that's regular season. There was so much talk about asterix last season. I think that that's bs. And i think any talk of asterix Coming postseason is bs. But i'm willing to put an asterix on the regular season and not just the crazy offensive records in the lack of defense and all that jazz but saying the celtics lose both of these games badly. I don't know that that's predictive. Should meet the heat and the plan tournament in the first round second round. What have you so a split is very political. Said he's already as you may mention. That's the last time we'll see the celtics play home game in the regular season in boston. Because then they'll go to cleveland's on the twelfth technically the segment of the back to back by technically i. It is and Tell us about back game. There won't be any kemba walker most likely unless they change their policy on him resting. It wouldn't surprise me if they do that. This is not the game. I would expect to four namely because they've lost three zero. They've only one to the last ten games and they're probably the best all around player on both ends of the floor. Larry nance broke his thumb initial time for the season. Also i'll wind ler Had to kind of music. If i remember correctly on his also going to be up for the season he is not so important. Obviously as larry nance. But i mean with that much lacking depth on the wing. I don't see how they're going to win. So because number one thirty seconds of labs does but kevin life did. The matter. Ought to be perfectly frank It's not going to help them. I mean because we're going to be able to win the first place. I don't think that you know veteran temper. Tantrums are going to do anything to help win the game so no i just think it's extremely funny. You know. I think i empathize with kevin level. This year has been so long. What's his get outta here. Like what are we even doing. Yeah getting tossed around low i. It was not a cool move. I don't wanna see that from my favorite team. All-star level players but man are we desperate for storylines times in mba media. because who the hell gares cleveland. Cavaliers kevin love. Can i put you down for a win. Absolutely marnie of cope because of course l. Let's see so from. The celtics will travel to minnesota on the fifteenth and they will play the timber wolves who are sad and they don't like the basketball and somehow they keep beating the utah jazz. So i very much so think that the celtics should beat the eighteen forty four minnesota timberwolves. The celtics will have much more to play for and probably the fixed will be end because minnesota ought to be taking some shirt. Karl anthony towns. We'll have a bruised but or something like that but never say never. I am going to mark it as a win right now but i will say the last time. The celtics played minnesota. That was the fifty three point. Tatum overtime thriller back on april ninth. So it might be a game that's worth tuning into. I don't know that the temperatures are gonna have much to play for. Like i said but hey maybe lightning strike twice. So i'm counting. That is a win for the boston. Celtics of perhaps something Allender for fun. But probably not the finally alex you have the last crack at the last game which is on the sixteenth back in new york. This could have huge implications because again the new york knicks refused to quit and sits a game and a half ahead of the celtics of the time of this podcast eggs so the celtics will be in the close at the regular season against the knicks in a game. That could have huge allegations. Alex what think alex. You're on you. And then i was on new to tell your you're on your thank you on absolutely cam. I agree. I think this is gonna be a maybe the best game of the stretch just from a competition standpoint. Both of these teams are going to be playing for something. They're deadlocked in the standings basically seems like they can't get any significant breathing room and the knicks have just been rolling so last night chris. Paul took over late to shut down. What would have been a ten game win streak for the new york knicks. They have just been playing. Excellent basketball in particular Tom timoteo has been really working to instill a serious defensive culture for the mix. It's really paid off their defenses. Excellent and julius randle is the best isolation player in basketball this year. Which is crazy. But it's i mean their offense looks a little ragged at times but ultimately they know what they're trying to do basically every possession which is get randall. The ball at the elbow or the high post. Let him go to work and make a play and then they have enough shooting out on the floor to punish teams Alec burks is going to be a questionable player for this game. He is in covid. Health and safety protocol unclear. Exactly what he's coming back. I would think that he will be back for this. One wouldn't be shocked if he's out but you know the these he's been in there for bet so i i think he'll be back for this mitchell robinson there center stage shot blocker out for season but all that lead said the knicks have gotten more capable replacement. These surprisingly frisky durban's noel to start center for them and they seem to be doing all right. you know. They've won nine out of their last ten games mentioned before and they've done this against one of the harder. Schedules are remaining the league. So it's it's not gonna be easy for the celtics to this new. You're mixing they are real. They're tough This is a back to back for new york as well so there is kind of a sliver of i suppose that that levels the playing field a little bit right now they're fourth in eastern conference They have won nine of their ten. They're not thirty four in tears. It says something that being said. I think this can be a really tough game for both teams coming off. Backpacks they really wanna win. This is just gonna be a kind of old school talent battle and the last time that the celtics play the knicks. It was a really close game as well. It really went down to the wire. Kemba walker tough. You know i just i. I have a feeling that when the chips are down when it potentially could be a difference between making sixth-seeded having to play the bucks or making a five seed and having to play the mix of the hawks or somebody else. i just. Don't see jason tatum. Going out quietly. So i am going to knock on wood here and give the celtics heat narrow victory over the next to close out their season. Congratulations to the celtics. So i will say this. I was in new york this past weekend. There were a lot of knicks fans out about actually was in a cab. Drug pass madison square garden as the knicks. Were letting out a winning crowd and as just exciting stuff so perhaps both teams will rest. All their players will be early playoff game and a things will be kind of nutty for those of you keeping score at home. We just said the celtics are gonna go eight and two down the stretch and that will mean that they will end the season having won fifty five percent of their regular season games in a season where they lost more glares to cove it than any other team this season with tremendous ups and downs with all sorts of issues not so bad just for perspective in sixteen seventeen. The celtics won sixty four percent of their games in the next season. Sixty seven percent in the next season fifty nine percent in the season last year that was cut short. They had won sixty six percent of their games..

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