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Madrid are going to win the Champions League. Because of robots crossing. I got that wrong, by the way. It's not about what it looks like. It's how it tastes. Are you a chocolate croissant fan? No. No. You've just been, you know, you tried garlic fried rice here the night. You've been trying to watch that. Baby steps. One step at a time. Well, I know a chocolate doesn't like a chocolate croissant. Upon the show. All right, I'll bring you one in. See what you think. Right, please. All right. Cook it. What? Do you find a French pastries? I tell you. This particular way of figuring out who's going to win the Champions League was bias and skewed from the very beginning. This area, to be honest with you. There was no chance that Frank was ever going to listen to anybody to tell him how to make a croissant upon the chocolate. I can sense him. I can see him. I can picture him, just ignoring whatever he was being told and he's like, you know, I'm Frank liberals. I won the World Cup. Huh? What Friends? And you're going to tell me how to do this? Surprise, I'm surprised they actually produced anything. Because it was just talking so much. I'm surprised to go in and done. They did say he didn't listen to a word. That's what I'm saying. Whereas I can picture stewie going step by step and you know how he was looking at that dough and he was like rolling in and it was everything was very exact. There was no hope for Frank in this particular competition if you want to call it that. Frank even told the woman who was the expert that he knew better than that. Yes. Yes, that's what Frank's like. Chance. So this battle didn't really mean anything then, as you can see, but one battle it will that I want to touch on that we didn't get to is the battle between Virgil Van Dyck, especially with the fact that he's had a bit of time out to rest ahead of this final and Karim Benzema. How do you see that one playing out? Well, we always say it's easier to defend as the attack. And so I'm going to go with the Virgil Van Dyke. You know, the one thing with Van Dyck's injury is that he doesn't want if people run and then behind them. And certainly Benson was not going to be doing that. So the one thing that veggie van date does not want. To help. Everything else he can deal with, whether it's Benzema or anybody else, so I.

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