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Maybe get with 35th Avenue. Avoid that altogether. I'm Larry Lewis. Katya. Our news. Class guys this afternoon, the highest 70 tonight Clear the little 49. We're gonna stay mostly sunny right on through the next several days, With temperatures gradually warming, and by Saturday, the weekend will be in the upper seventies. Right now. In Glendale. Sunny skies 63 degrees, Whether it's brought to you by Howard Air. Every day you get three K t a R news expansions at eight noon and five. It's 15 minutes of commercial free, nonstop news, traffic and weather brought to you by Sweet James, the people's Accident attorney. I'm Jeff Mon in two minutes. Financial and family advice from Dave Ramsey on Katie a. Our news Boudicca Boudicca Boudicca Alfindo Mega Siamese sailor sells celery sent, which is how wing about a serving platter. Jamie? Yes. Did Did you want to try reading that line on the script there? Oh, yeah. Let's see. You could say big when you bundle your home and auto with progressive that one. Yes, Yeah. No, I'm just not warmed up yet. Shouldn't be long. Finally detector test. Bundle your home and auto with progressive today the marmot mangled my Mu Shu pork pancakes, progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Enjoy. Thanks. He ordered breakfast at the McDonald's drive through. Tell yourself you'll wait to eat it at work, but it's most way too good. So you eat it right there in the McDonald's parking lot, Neal There's a meal for every morning at McDonald's.

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