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Nu slash prop and start judging the truth for yourself today and the story on them gab believes would be a hit piece which is likely the truth as we saw with the bbc article that showed up at the top of the search results. Most stories on gab from the mainstream media are hit pieces so what gab. Did with the ceo of gab. Did his name is andrew. Tour is he just published his response to their inquiry on their website and senate through emails and here are the relevant parts which is very interesting he. He gives a perspective of what someone who considers himself to be q. Thinks if q and thinks of what he represents opposing the narrative that we normally hear about q. In the mainstream media that's nazi crazy. Dangerous people he says. The cunanan community is much bigger than in alleged. Anonymous government insider making post on an image board. That part may or may not be true. But i don't think it really matters either way. The cuban on community has less to do with q. And more to do with a decentralized new media network that surfaces distributes in fact checks information in real time it is self correcting self editorialising and most importantly it can't be stopped. You can deep platform these people from our legacy tech platforms and call them. Racist and conspiracy theorist in legacy media but nothing can stop what has already been started and it will only continue to grow one big reason. The legacy media is smearing. The cunanan community is because these folks are in direct competition with the legacy media's power structure and control of the flow of information and news. Now listen closely here. The other reason is because many of the many in the cunard community are christian and q. is often shares christian themes the q. And on community. Organizing and uniting christians across all denominations of faith and their search for real news and information about the corrupt and wicked people in power. They're tying it to christianity. And you see when you hear it in the mainstream media so they believed that all democrats are just biting heads off a babies and ages. They're they're not season..

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