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While said there too well if you're not yet a subscriber to crtv this would be a good way to do it crtv dot com promo code dais that's right my name it's not just a swearword anymore you can also use it to get a discount on your subscription to crtv which gives you access not just to my show but every show we do from the great when mark levin phil robertson from duct dynasty right on down to other programming otherwise known as uh this crtv dot com promo code day swell it is a monday and this is when we do a little weekend news and views get everybody caught up on the major headlines from over the weekend there there were really to major headlines this weekend one of which we touched on throughout the television show as we just teased and and that's been the continued fallout from the parkland massacre and just the failure of government at every level continues to be documented in that story another big story though we didn't have much time to touch on on the television show erin we're going to focus on in today's podcast the democrats finally had their big counter memo released that the shift memo which had formerly been trump trump decided not to release it publicly because apparently there's too much reacted information in there too much classified information in there so he decided not to this one still has a lot of redacted information in it it's ten pages long the last three pages are bibliographic in nature and so it's really only about seven pages in length and probably one and a half pages if not more of that is redacted from this memo and i don't know we're going to talk about this this is the point of this podcast but i to me reading it we'll see what you guys think it seemed like the nunez memo just from the democratic perspective they basically confirm in restate everything that was in the new gna as memo and parts of what was in the grassley memo as well although that's i in some areas slightly unrelated.

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