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This is a bloomberg business flash from bloomberg's european headquarters in london i'm all kaskol see with this bloomberg radio business flash and the bank of japan has stolen the show in the asian session this morning all the knees that it's been training bone patasse's on not sub to boost the yen as well as japanese longterm yields essentially what happened is that the boj cots longterm bond purchases in one of its regular operations on the back about the yen is rising oldest four tenths of one percent against the dollar with dollaryen at one hundred twelve spoilt sixty eight some of the central bank watches over in japan are cautioning go against taking this move as a sign of an imminent to turn to the exit full monetary policy some more to come that essentially epic poem of the boj we might seek the blue bug all the spot index said declining this morning mall generally we all seen bureau dollar at one spot 1950 55 which means that the single currency is declining hey buy run about a tenth of one percent seeing cable little changed at once fought 35 sixty seven looking into equitization hsieh's all building on their best start to a year since two thousand six the msci asiapacific index advancing by three tenths of one percent higher fourth sixth day its longest winning streak since october the nikkei teaching five index has shut up shop with a gain of six tenths of one percent after being closed for a national holiday on monday the allseeing seeing shares a net samsung weighing on the cost be a net sold this solve for its prophet missed estimates on a struggle born samsung says they are down as much is three point six percent on the cosby by a tenfold goal dissent in commodities on what to measure the oil is extended gains with wti rising about sixty two dollars a barrel at sixty two dollars fifteen cents higher by seven tenths of one percent forcing brent crude at sixty.

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