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Very alone Touch. Other day Never G Good morning. 5 38 Steve Alexander's agribusiness brief will be back on tomorrow. The market's closed today in Observance of Martin Luther King Day. So I have something from my record collection and let me tell you this. This is one. You gotta crank up. You gotta turn it way up. I know it's early. This a waking up for sure. You've heard the stories about Phil Specter, who passed away over the weekend at 81. He was a brilliant record producer and the insane guy. No question about it. And in addition to Those early hits he produced with his famous wall of sound like he's a rebel and be my baby and to do run run, he worked with John Lennon and the Beatles. He Did production work on the Let it be album. He also added strings and acquired to the long and winding road of a Paul Didn't really like all of that. I've always been a fan of that. I like all that big wall of sound. Specter also Produced All things must pass for George Harrison and the John Lennon. Imagine album and you know what he used to do. He used to mix the music and then listen to it in the studio on a little bitty speaker. Because he knew that's the way the kids were hearing the music on transistor radios, and he made these rock operas and my favorite Phil Specter production. Is the song we're gonna play for you here this morning. A lot of people think this is the greatest rock and roll record ever. Rolling Stone put it on their list of the 500 greatest songs of all time. And billboard name This the number eight song on their list of the 100 Greatest Girl group songs of all time and if you if you crank this up and pay attention Phil Specter throws in just about everything but the kitchen sink before this record is over the crystals..

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