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Mother or trump who I trust general election decision. Yeah well it's it's the kind of thing where as an individual I I don't know what to do about a global pandemic really like I like. I'll save up some food and try to wash my hands a lot and stuff. Yeah But I'm just trying to be wary. I'm flying from JFK to lax tomorrow. So I'm not a wise person but I am I'm hopeful it'll work out And we'll see what happens. I don't know I mean it. It seems to me like this was the week in which a lot of people realized. This is going to be a thing that we live with and actually I see some hope there because I think a lot of the pieces that that came out this week. I'll give a shout out to my friend. Jim Hamilton who wrote a piece for the Atlantic? They thought it was the smartest on this front. Which is basically saying a lot of the world is going to get this thing but the reason that it spreads so fast and we weren't able to contain it is because a lot of the cases are mild or ASEM dramatic and that means that it is a very serious virus but it is not it is not these things where you get it and all of a sudden everyone realizes you have it and you get quarantined and so forth. So you know. I think I've chatted with him. I think you know. Subtlety is what's so ranger success. Just going to be in a couple of years like right. Now what when we enter a winter. We have the the flu and pneumonia. And you know. Now we'RE GONNA the flu. Pneumonia and chronic viruses. Going to be one of those things that is out there that we're going to have to deal with to me. I think the real danger and this is trump. Is You know I think scares me is in the the political response And that's where I think it's going to be both both in terms of containment of it but also I. My hunch is what trump is going to do is go from one. Extreme of everything's GonNa be fine all the way to another extreme of. I don't know I mean I you know but it does scare me. The risks shutting things down and taking sort of release strongmen. A moment of like a war would be shut. Everything down to the border equivalent of dealing with this is that is to me. I think you know real. Fear is the sort of political response in a real worry because you know in his head. I think containment is the only bar and this is going to grow regardless of what politicians do and it's really about mitigating that growth and being smart and thinking about this as a thing that's GonNa be with us for over years in decades and he's not built that way. And what did you guys think of him? Naming pence has the head of the project. Dr Mike Pence that that I'm trying to be an optimist about things and when I saw that press conference which was not a good press conference and not any good ideas I also thought like at least at least trump supporters will have heard of the disease like good if we're so divided in our media diets at least him talking about it as like an awareness campaign. But that's the only good thing. Mike Pence is there to be a scapegoat or do nothing. That's right that's what I sort of felt. It felt like a weep. I'm going to put this guy. That's an afterthought in my entire administration at the end of the thing and I think you know. Obviously a eyebrows were raised because under pences watch an Indiana. There was an AIDS outbreak And they wanted him to provide clean needles for intravenous drug users and he wouldn't do it because we thought it would promote more drug use And instead it actually created this AIDS outbreak of your data and science. Everyone told.

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