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A cada airbags. one of them could be yours. effective airbag parts can explode causing serious injury or even death. go to save terra bags dot com and see if your vehicle is on the recall. and if it is get it fixed for free. save your life. educators Labor Day sales event is going on now. Nelson here have to wait for the end of the month to get Tampa's best deals on any new kia coming this intricate today and put no money down on a new two thousand nineteen kia Rio two thousand nineteen cure for today for two thousand twenty kia soul in pages two thirty nine per month which includes your tax return your title and all the fees and that's not a lease you own it that's a new Rio forte or soul no money on just two thirty nine per month and you're out the door need something a little bigger coming to send your kid today choose a new two thousand twenty kia Sportage for two thousand and nineteen Sorrento put no money down pages three forty nine per month and everything else is included centric is on the corner of Los in Hillsboro Avenue centric kia dot com remember at center gear you've got a friend in the business or offer details call eight hundred five two one four five seven five or visit century kia dot com if you have high cholesterol you're not alone a hundred and two million American adults struggle with it the disease causes fatty deposits to build up your arteries and puts you at higher risk for stroke and heart attack during cholesterol education months start lowering your cholesterol by making one simple change date healthier cut back on food high in saturated fat and replace them with fresh fruits vegetables and whole grains interested in learning more ways to improve your numbers. I met with your health care provider today this message is brought to you by **** health marketing connecting patients locally with the health care provider they need. the leaves on one of two point five..

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