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Oh, I think the first person I've ever heard say you were snorkeling in the winter and taco. Yeah. Well, you know, it's extremely cool. I thought it was kind of fun joke to think of like somebody going to go in the middle of February to snorkel. Yeah. See you didn't snorkel. No. So you started this podcast with false information. Yeah. But everyone should continue listening. Yeah. Really gets better. I swear. And if we learned anything this week, it's that a person who's wants a liar isn't necessarily always Aligarh or a person who lies is by definition, a liar liar liar pants on fire. Depends on your perspective. Really does goodness. Talking about Michael Kohn, I presume me. No. Yes. The other Michael. Okay. Well, I appreciate that. This is not a podcast about politics. It's podcast where we take through technology news, and what happened this week, and we break down the gadgets, the apps and the services that you need to know about the show is not just about gadgets. It's about a relationship with them. And how the impact our lives. That's right. And it's not just about our lives as journalists and tech consumers. It's also about how technology is changing the lives of frontline workers and warehouse workers and people in construction and in design and even in the military, and we're going to talk a lot more about that later in the show because we have a special guest this week. That's right. Alex kitman who is a technical fellow at Microsoft, that's actually his title. But he's better known as the inventor of connect and also works on whole lens. He sits down with us and the gadget lab this week to talk about the new hololens. Yep. And you talk about Microsoft's vision for mixed. Reality. Now, we taped this last month at Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond Washington. But hololens to wasn't announced yet at the time that we taped. And now it is. So we're going to run the podcast for you. That is very exciting before we get to Alex. Let's go through the news the week. Yes. Okay. So if you're an Amazon at all these days, you might notice two things one being that Amazon's own product seem to increasingly showing up near the top of your search results. Even if you're not searching.

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