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McConnell's Louisville home on Saturday angry he's going to push that nominee. To replace Justice Ginsburg. Democrats were crying hypocrisy after McConnell refused to allow President Obama's nominee to even get a hearing. Ah, wake up call this morning about wearing seat belts. 24 year old woman seriously hurt after the car. She was in hit a curb, overturned and slid on its roof. Her arm got stuck in the sun roof and was trapped between the pavement and the roof of the vehicle. You could imagine her name Megan Brown, she's at U. C. Medical Center. Deputies say the driver 25 year old Nicholas Stallings, was not hurt. They do suspect impairment. We'll follow up on her condition as we can. Ah Mueller High School starting point guard who won the state championship and now attends University of Dayton is fighting for his life after his family says he suffered a catastrophic head injury off campus Saturday night. David, please not saying much else at this point. That student 19 year old Michael Curren is the first year business student from Montgomery. He was a state champion team member and also new tragedy. His self of his father, Joe, died during a run with him while on vacation. This audio from Mueller High School I remember running alongside of music more in the street now is on the sidewalk. And looking to my right and last thing here said to me, Waas was keep going on. So you know that it didn't mean much then. So she kept around in a cab, and then I ended up finishing before him. When we got to the finish line he never cost Michael goes on to explain that his mother broke the news to him later. Now Michael is fighting for his life in the hospital. Former Councilwoman to Maya Denard will find out November 10th How long she's going to serve in prison for selling her council vote for cash. He faces 20 years and we could find out tonight when Cincinnati public will go back to the classroom. They've got a board meeting at five o'clock today. I'm Sandy Collins. Our next update at nine on NewsRadio, 700 wlw at.

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