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The biggest issue is the defense especially on first and second down. Well, they were significantly better. I guess they're really good first and second-down team run defense was surprisingly much better like, oh, yeah, the run defense they gave up 4.1 yards-per-carry but a lot of that was Lamar scrambles. Yep, not designed actual running plays. So you kind of take that with a grain of salt. He's finally Belichick. I say he Belichick is finally seeming to let the young guys play a little bit more than finding ways to play his more talented players, even if it's not the traditional cookie cutter roll for Chase winovich to play inside linebacker. He's clearly one of their seven best guys in the front seven. You gotta put down. Find a place for him to play to find a place for me to play with her its edge off the call wherever just find a place a spot for him cuz he's that talented and that's what they were able to do tonight. It's almost like these small ball and they use dial lineups. Like sometimes you just gotta play your best players and then just figure it out as you go and again too many. I know Belichick one of the if you're going to say there's a a fault is that he definitely likes his older guys. He's experienced guys has guys who know their roles and what they're supposed to do and he's always going to default to that before just running a bunch of Athletic kids out there and just being like, all right guys, just chase the ball around and do your best so they chased around tonight. That's what I wanted them to do what they did. Yeah, but these speed on the field put some athleticism on you'll put some Hunger on the field guys that want to get after and want to change after the ball and I think that that's what we saw Duggar tonight wasn't perfect. He he got when him about it a couple of different times tackling attempts were not great. Some of his own drops were not participate. A gray but he is hungry. He runs to the football. He Pursuits the ball. He does things that other players on this team so far this year have not necessarily done and he's doing it if he's going to make a mistake. He's at least making it fast and that's all you can really ask for right now is the Patriots defense. Yeah. Let's let's get into one Defender here JC Jackson wage. Sorry, I put up the wrong graphic here. But JC V straight game with an interception. I'm an off of you know, a so-so game not a social game a game in which need some criticism rightfully. So but he was it wasn't just the interception. He was terrific all night here again kind of stepping into that number one corner role and again you had guys on Hollywood Brown sometimes McCourty was on him and McCourty acquitted himself nicely early in the game too as well. So a huge bounce-back game for the secondary that got Eat Dog. A little bit last week. Yeah, so that stutter and go move from Hollywood brown with JC Jackson was not having any of it. Right and I think that's such a great play of understanding the situation it would McCourty buried him on the subject line too. If JC Jackson if Hollywood Brown stops that route down and catches it in front of him. There's 30 seconds left in the half. What's the worst that's going to happen. So he completes a 6-yard off to Hollywood brown with 20 seconds left in the second quarter. So what so when he stutters and goes he stays on top of the road because he knows damn. Well, the only thing I can't do is let the ball go over my head, right?.

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