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Reporting live Connor Shreve came away needs if you are heading to the high country today plan ahead rock blasting on I seventy will shut down the road in both directions through Clear Creek county a couple weeks ago there were rocks had fallen down in this is why we are doing the mitigation work to prevent any future on the scheduled all the eastbound lanes on I. seventy being close that silver corn it is a precaution because some of the rock fall during the blasting may fall into the eastbound lanes he mentioned Silverthorne eastbound traffic I save seventy will be stopped in just a few minutes eight fifteen in that area see that's for its home and also says the closure starts at nine o'clock this morning hoping to get that work done by noon a Denver judge giving attorneys more than six months to prepare for the trial of a man accused of planning to blow up a Jewish temple in pueblo U. S. District Court judge Raymond Moore decided this week to set July thirteenth as a start date for the trial overture Holzer Holzer was arrested on November first at a problem motel after seeing the plan to blow up temple Emmanuel the next day he's charged with attempted arson attempting to obstruct the free exercise of religion and attempted use of explosives or fire that is K. was chat Hoffman reporting Colorado parks wildlife seeking information about a possible illegal crossbow hunting at the coal creek canyon area mule deer Buck was put down by wildlife officers Sunday after it was found to have a crossbow bolt embedded in its head while an active hunt is going on in the area CPW still investigating how the deer was injured anyone with information is asked to call the agency so what's the busiest place in Denver this time of year the postal service procession and distribution center at a million square feet the Denver processing and distribution center Tom others are being sorted by zip code the machine can scan nine letters every second the workload is impressing we're averaging about a quarter million parts of the night and for the letters were about one point five million in cancellation last night was a very good night forcing it over two million willow with the postal service says thanks to hard work in technology this facilities are too caught up with the Christmas rush rooms in those out in the same day Kaley news special delivery Sox headed to the Samaritan house donation center in Denver today were donating a little over two hundred pairs here but we're collecting here in Chicago and in New Jersey or over two thousand pairs Jan Mar now ski with foot prints to recovery she says socks are among the most needed items at homeless shelters and prosecutors say actress Lori Laughlin was in charge when arranging to get her daughters and U. S. C. the full house star and her husband are fighting federal charges and paid five hundred thousand dollars to get their daughters into the school in this week Loughlin's argued prosecutors had evidence showing she believe the cache was a legitimate donation however the feds fired back saying the ringleader of the college admissions scandal investigators that she was aware of the entire operation coming up down and out in the upper middle class we'll talk about that money news on the Broncos get back to practice today may middle but a practice ahead of the lions coming to town all that about five minutes first John Morrissey is checking that commute outside how we doing John somewhere fight that saw this morning eastbound I. seventy was close to the base of Floyd hill just because of sunshine and all your east on route to the pretty tough as well that's been the worst of this morning there are still lights that are out Alameda and pay goes expect delays there treat that as a four way stop eastbound I. seventy should close in silver form so were the rather in less than ten minutes this is because of blasting that's expected to start and close both sides of I. seventy starting at nine o'clock this morning so you get free stock closure about a fifteen west bell to close at the but red red Beaverbrook I read around nine o'clock this morning we'll also have a closure of another highway that's that ramp from westbound C. for seventy on the westbound I. seventy that closure to last five or six hours this morning the golden area a lot of the pavement is really to work they just got to get it repaired this report is sponsored by a local BMW center into the B. M. W. road home sales event receive a credit up to forty five hundred dollars on select models now through January second see a Colorado B. M. W. center today for details or visit BMW Colorado dot com next update ten minutes okay away eight fifty eight ninety four one FM have you finish opting for everybody on your it's your last chance to have a great holiday gift this decade and dell has new deals every week day save big on dell computers with.

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