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In vehicles available online on air on smartphone or on smile. Speakers is our only exit with two million Americans. Get their automotive news daily. So we've got the naming down of the cars. So you're happy with that. Now I am. All right. Just making sure until you dropped the ball about the Camaro. I need to pay attention. I've been a little distracted this week. You know, I used to leave home on Sunday night and fly all around the world and then come back on flight a night. That would my that was my general weak, but of course with under covert 19 That's not been happening until last week. I got Tio. I got to go to Atlanta with the other half of our auto expert Michael O'Dell, and we went to a place called Peachtree Corners, which is ahh. It's the curiosity lab and it's a municipality that does everything that the future city would look like. And isn't that right, Mike? It's like the future City of America is Peachtree Corners. See here's the problem is you guys have any listen for three minutes before I get on air with you and I want to talk about the Camaro and Mustang perfectly clear. Gen. Mustang's Kick Camaros, but I know I know. I know. I drew you. I've driven both. Oh, and and anyways, I do have to say I'm kind of disappointed with the later model Camaro and no, I don't like the I just don't like the Mustang. I feel very I can't say it because we've got somebody coming up the sales numbers I loved in 1971 that sales numbers. That's all I have to say anyways. Yes, there there for that problem that you have there There are fictive. There are prescriptions that will help you deal with your lack of affinity for modern day Mustang, But you're right, Theo. Curiosity Lab. We were there last week, you know, And we're talking about a government. You know this Valley based smart city and I think the question everybody asks. What is that? Right, So a smart city is where they take all the modern forms of technology. They integrate him in. Essentially the grid, Whether it's the power grid, and in this case, we were there's auto experts talking about how vehicles connected the grid. So you're right. We've We've been on the road for months and months and months. Then it stopped. And now we're back to back with Bronco and the curiosity lab all this week. It was fun. I would say there was a lot about that trip. That was fun, especially hanging out with you because we don't get to spend enough time together. We used to spend Oh, he used to see each other, You know, Like like going again. I don't under fire you giggling. She's angry thinking funny Psychology, says she has pent up feelings. Eso So I will tell you this is there are better places to be than Georgia in the summer, So I have to say. Yes, it is hot. And while you live in Tennessee, it's hot in Tennessee, right? His heart could save hot everywhere right now. I don't know. I feel like some cheese. It was left on the side and I'm weeping. It's wrong with you guys. Okay, Bronco Amero must thing and bad cheese. Talk about cars. Welcome to our lively welcome to a life of one of the things the head of the Kira See lab. I mean, they have this five G network with sprint on now. T Mobile that Why is the whole city together? They have autonomous vehicles. But the other cool thing is they have a they have a scooter that is like right, Hailing Scooter, right? Yes, they partnered with a variety of different companies. Companies like Bosch Frankie Mobile Delta, but they've partnered with a lot of incubator Smart cos they're centered, launching for the first time right? So the startup companies one they found in the Bay Area in California. Go, go X and then a company called Tortoise, Right? We're gonna interrupt just for second. Take a quick break. I want to continue this When we come back here listening to our auto expert Stay tuned. There's more to come with Nick Miles on Comeau News. Summer is the perfect time to tackle those indoor projects on your list, like escaping the heat and refreshing your home with.

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