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Because the fed is raising rates too fast, and it's independent. So I don't speak to them. But I'm not happy with what he's doing because it's going too fast. Because you looked at the last inflation numbers are very low. You put them there. I mean. Janet yellen. Be honest, not blaming anybody. I put him there. And maybe it's right. Maybe it's wrong. But I put a couple of other people there that are not so happy with two. But for the most part, I'm very happy with people that is the United States. Speaking Trish, Regan about the fed. And he says, you know, as our economy is good and forecasted to do. Well, they raise rates, and it's robbing us of the momentum and nodding along is the co author of trumpet onyx inside the America. I plan to revive our economy. Stephen moore. Stephen, you think he was a lot of people say the president should not comment on this. How do you feel? I think he's right on the substance. And I don't see anything inappropriate about the president. Who is basically the CEO of our economy speaking out now, that's not to say, the fed shouldn't be independent. You just heard Donald Trump say he believes the fed should be independent. But look the economy is booming right now, we're in the biggest boom in thirty years. We have seven million more workers than we have. I mean jobs than we have workers, and that's an amazing statistic. So. Economy is booming and Trump is basically saying look, there's no inflation. Why is the fed taking you know, the old metaphor wise? The Trump is the fat taking the Punch Bowl away from the party just when it's getting going, and I happen to agree with him on that. Look, I don't wanna see a return of inflation. I lived through the seventy s I lived through fifteen sixteen percent inflation rates, but this idea that somehow it's a boogeyman inflation right now for prices are not rising. And there's too many people at the fed who believed that growth in the economy and higher wages are inflationary now about Lapper were here, Brian. I know what he would tell you. He'd say if the economy produces more apples, the price of apples falls, it doesn't rise growth causes lower inflation higher inflation. So right now, you're looking at the market last week gave a lot of people an upset south. That's for sure. Points up three hundred points down avenue points down. What's going on? I think there's a lot of profit-taking at the beginning at the there's a lot of nervousness about what the fed was doing look when interest rates rise than bonds are more attractive than stocks. Right. I mean, that's just simple finance. But look, I'm not a great stock picker or anything like that. But I will tell people this one great piece of advice ready for this brand ready Bilo shall high by people tend to do the opposite. Right. They tend to win the markets. Crashing. This is a good time to buy stocks. They're cheap. Earnings are good earnings are good now. So Stephen Moore's here he's talking about his book Trump now. Well, the president's got his economy roaring. He's got the revenue coming in the deficits or something else. He's got a tackle. But GDP is at three point five last time was four point to feel good about it. But guess what somebody else is taking credit? You're you're about this economic miracle. That's been going on. When the job numbers come out monthly job numbers. Republicans are saying it's America I had to kind of remind them actually those job numbers are the same as they were in two thousand fifteen and two thousand sixteen. Your reaction, Stephen. Well, Obama look liberals have a hard time explaining what's going on with us economy because you should also play. I know you probably have this in your catalog when Barack Obama said a few weeks before the election. How is Donald Trump going to get us to four percent growth? How is he going to revive manufacturing? Does he have a magic wand? Well, maybe this president does have a magic bond because we have revived manufacturing we have revived the mining industry and we have four percent growth. And now they're trying to explain why this is happening now here, here's the reason why it's not true that this Obama deserves the credit by the way, when I give my speeches when I say, you know, is this. The Obama fact it is the Bama factors the effect of Barack Obama's no longer president. That's why the economy is booming. The last year that Barack Obama was president. You can look this up. Ryan the economy grew at one point six.

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