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Ron Simmons are one thing about it. You can't rest on his laurels, the rematch is already been signed with big fanbase. With the intensity in the WCW, nobody can rest on their laurels. But you're right, the champion or ex champion has a man. God damn it. That's going to be a war, because you got Harley race, and he will be focused, and he will be focused on Ron. So Meltzer goes on here. He said, these angles were kept pretty much of a secret while there were a few wrestlers that knew ahead of time that Simmons was winning the title, and many wrestlers who knew the title was changing in Baltimore, but some needed to believe it was sting that was going to get the belt and everyone knew something big was going to happen, although exactly what was a well kept secret and Baltimore supposedly neither Vader nor Simmons knew for sure about the title change until they got to the building that night. That's true. Most of the wrestlers were shocked backstage when Robert showed up doing the angle, even though it was generally assumed Roberts was the bad bob on the August booking sheets and there were some expectations that he would debut at center stage the previous Monday. Roberts wasn't backstage before the show began, and almost nobody even knew he was in the building or in town until he did the angle. So JR talked to us about why the importance of keeping the boys, I guess. Because they had the big mouse, Paul, they talk. They want to make themselves relevant by having more information than their neighbor. Hey, did you hear what's going on, brother, and brother and brother? It's ego. It's insecurities. And I love this guy's gang. When Dan's spider became waylon mercy, he gained a fan for life for me. I love that characterization in WWE at the time. Danny was just he's perfect in that role. Do you think though it came a little bit too late for him in his career after that hard bumping in Japan and of course? Yeah, he was beat up. And well, this dude here, he should get an answer for that haircut. I don't know how. What do they use a bowl? I don't even know. I don't know. That's that mo how hard haircut. And then he's got the rat tail though to finish it off. Of course. Yeah. But so they have him here spivey. You plug the wrestling hotline. You mentioned guys like Bret Hart, Ric Flair and Ted dibiase will be discussed, and these are all WWF guys. At JR, I mean, obviously trying to just drum up more hotline dollars and discuss it. I guess when gene came to work for WCW, Gina made a deal to run the hotline. And he also made a deal over here to get a piece. And other guys got paid. I never got the first check on the hotline. Never made a dime ever. And I had the hottest night Saturday, and it generated more revenue than anybody else, but I never got paid for it. I'm not complaining about this. I'm not going to. But it was just a whole different system. And gene came in and changed that. Of course, they had to do it to get him hired. Man, could you imagine a red ass JR hotline? How fun that would have been back in the day. Oh God, like you just spitting, spitting some red ass. You're on the show. People would have paid all kinds of money per minute to hear that. Look, we got the dragon sleeper, Dan spivey with the big win, but man, he had to look your right JR. The look, the charisma, the scary eyes, Danny's a good guy, too, boy. Overcome a lot as clean and sober. You know, he's married to Ann Russo, who was one of my assistants at WWE for so many years. They lived down here in Florida. I haven't seen Dan in a long time, but he's seems to be doing well healthy, but man, they always cause a temporary Dan Dan, the left hand man because he would knock your ass smooth out in a street fight that left hand. So he was he had a great reputation in that Tampa saint Pete area. Bad dude. I always liked Dan. Well, there we go, promoting the WCW fan club show now, but I wonder how that's going. Yeah. Well, hey, this is going to be a fun one because look, two of your favorite wrestlers are in the ring. Chris Sullivan and James moats. I think they're about to get their ass kicked, JR, because here comes the junkyard dog and mister Hughes. They were calling them big cat at the time. Yeah, mister Hughes, the big old Curtis Curtis Scott talked about Curtis's wrestling school that are based in Atlanta. At that point in time he just did his most athletic move of the night. His dance on the old dance on the apron? I don't know which ones to Chris Sullivan. Nobody does JR. I guess it doesn't matter. No. It does if you're James Sullivan's family, I guess. It does. James moats and Chris Sullivan, whoever they, yeah. Look how big courtesy is, man. Play defensive tackle for the Kansas state mile cat. I used to tell they started beating his

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