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Canceled flights again today because of the winter weather that's been blasting the lone star state. American Airlines has had nearly 30% of all of their flights canceled so far, southwest, not much better nearly a 5th of their flights being axed. And it's going to cost more for Americans to buy a home or a car, or most credit card balances will increase a little. That's because the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates again to bring down inflation, the Central Bank increased rates by a quarter percentage point in the last hour or so. Wall Street's reacting positively will have your market report coming up at 1220. First, Tyrone Nichols is being laid to rest today, the eulogy going on right now in Memphis, Tennessee, and we're learning more about the officers facing charges in his death. Here's ABC Stephanie Ramos. The Memphis police department releasing the administrative HR files of those 5 fired officers, taking turns, beating nickels in that disturbing video from January 7th. Four out of the 5 former officers have suspensions or written reprimands on their record. None of the officers were found to have used excessive force. Demetrius Haley and Desmond mills junior failed to file a quote response to resistance form after using physical force during arrests in 2021 and 2019, respectively. In January of 2021, Justin Smith, receiving a two day suspension without pay and ordered remedial drivers training for striking a vehicle, causing it to spin out and strike another. And Emmett Martin the third written up previously for not reporting a domestic violence case required by law and failing to inspect his squad car vehicle after a handgun was found on the rear floor board. No infractions were filed for to Darius bean. It looks like they

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