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The line on the dick the wessex helicopters could be stored with their rotor blades folded but to carry the chinooks. The huge blades had to be physically unbolted a dangerous task on a moving ship approaching the exclusion around the falklands. The harry s were flown off the deck and reposition on the two british craft carriers whilst the essex chinook helicopters started to operate transferring stores and personnel around the fleet. The island of sint georgia was the first on the list to be retaken and a troop of special forces marines were landed to attack the argentinian forces. There the submarine was spotted resupplying. The garrison was attacked with depth charges and torpedoes spy navy. Helicopters wrecked the santa fe which in a previous life had been the. Us catfish was abandoned by its crew sank beside the jetty. A false of seventy six british troops were assembled and they made a direct to salt on the garrison which surrendered without resistance next. Operation was the black box raid on stanley airfield. A subject that. I've covered in another tale but eventually it was time to establish a beachhead the main island itself attacks on the task force by tinian skyhawks dacca's cameras mirage. Threes had already taken place but then the crews general battleground. I was sunk by the british submarine h mess conqueror as it maneuvered around the edge of the exclusions. This had the crucial effect of forcing the entire argentine tinian fleet to return to port where it remained for the rest of the conflict four days later the british destroyer hms sheffield was lost to an extra set. Missile strike followed by the sinking of the frigates hms ardent and enter low other. British ships were bombed but since the defense cover was so intense. The argentinian bombs often found to fuse since they were being released from such a low altitude that they had insufficient time to arm. It was on the twenty fifth of may than another argentine attack started. The beach had now been established and the atlantic conveyor was told to move into san carlos water undercover of darkness to disembark all its helicopters and begin transferring stolz suddenly the code word handbrake was transmitted indicating that someone had detected the radon emissions from canadian super. Etendard attack craft. The captain of the columbia sounded emergency stations. A number of warships deployed chaff. Clowns has countermeasures against the incoming missiles and the excess was successfully pulled away from their initial targets but then the missiles burst through the aluminium foil clouds and looked for new radar returns a mile in front of them was the atlantic combat. Both missiles struck the hull of the ship and exploded. Secondary explosions soon started from the munitions still stored on board and despite desperate efforts to save his ship. Twenty five minutes later captain north audited crew to abandon Twelve men were lost including the captain along with entire complement of helicopters. Which were all back on the dank except for one the chinook bravo november. It was a black day for the task force commander his he had planned to move his forces around the islands rapidly and easily using these heavy lift machines delivering troops that would be fresh to fight and keeping them well-equipped deprived of the atlantic conveyor the raf. I'd lost johnnie cop that were on the deck. But all the spare service spaniels lubricants and tools. It was a major setback. But with classic determination the british forces calmly set themselves to the task of marching across the treacherous to numb forgiving terrain of full plans in the filthy went whether carrying everything they needed on the backs. They had to sleep for weeks on the punches in freezing temperatures and on sodden ground suffering from trench foot and dysentry despite this the royal marine commandos the parachute regiment. Scott's god's welsh gods and girka rifles famously covered the last fifty six miles in three days carrying more than eighty pounds thirty six kilos on their backs and then went straight into battle yongping. The paras would call. It became a word so popular. It was soon part of the english dictionary. The lone remaining chinook bravo november flew a never ending series of missions throughout the campaign often working continuously for over twenty hours a day. The machine carried on with a minimum amount of maintenance. It was just a matter of patching it up as best they could and sending it up again. The small detachment was under the command of squadron. Leader dick langworthy and having new field equipment like the troops. They operated from fox holes. Despite a total lack of aircraft spares zulu alpha seven one eight was flown continuously in support of the battle from the twenty seventh of may until the ceasefire on the night of may the thirtieth bravo november was tasked with delivering weapons to sas troops. Who under sustained on tillery fire carrying three one hundred five millimeter howitzer guns in its cargo. Space plus twenty two men and crates. I'm munitions slung underneath the chinook took off under the command of scored anita langworthy in his co-pilot flat. If tenant andy lawless flying with the use of night vision goggles they struggle to find a place suitable to dump the onda slung load so that it would be in the right spot for the gun crews to retrieve and set up on the uneven ground. The chinook could flown straight in to an active fire zone. Nicosia troops firing their weapons right beneath them as they tried not to sink into the soft ground eventually after forty minutes in the drop zone and despite a cabin lighting failure they delivered the guns and set off to pick up more.

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