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Due to the time and and they've been there and the elements exposure etc etc cetera shortly after police get a new tip from a man requesting a satellite image of a salvage yard where his car had supposedly been towed owed. The man wanted to quote determine whether his car had been destroyed. The collar dumped him dumb michael powell. Josh's brother are recognizing the name powell detective reached out to the utah team with this info unfortunately michael's whereabouts were unaccounted for during during the time frame that susan went missing however michael sold his car which was in relatively good shape with salvage yard for parts for a one hundred dollars and it depends on the oxygen special. They said that he sold the car for five hundred dollars but then the other special side one hundred regardless. It seemed like the car was not in a position to be sold based on its condition but <hes> it was sold around the time of his disappearance detectives found the car or to still be at the salvage yard and when they brought cadaver dogs in the doug zeroed in on michael powell's car immediately leading police to believe that the car had at one time time transported a decomposing body the car was then brought back to utah for further processing. The police theorize that mike helped josh josh relocates isn't remains after she'd been killed than sold off the car to the salvage yard thinking it would be destroyed so meanwhile chuck cox <hes> <hes> who is again <hes> susan's dad decided to look into what information you find out about <hes> the powell's divorce mike and joshua's parents and he found documentation showing early psychotic behavior on josh and really stevens parts stephen often encourage josh so again this is steven powell josh's dad their dad would encourage josh and his brother to kick their mother and act out. My dad never encouraged me to kick my mother just funds but apparently that was a thing in the powerhouse. There's even documentation that josh killed his sister's throughs gerbil as a child and susan powell's father obviously believes josh was true cycle in which i kinda can't really disagree with at this point on trial was held to determine who gained custody of the tea of josh's two children. Susan parents were fighting to keep the kids away from josh because they thought he was a danger to them. Before the trial more of his hard-driving krypton had been deciphered revealing that leykis his father josh also had a good old porn obsession he had hard drives that contained cartoon porn apparently currently very graphic kerr tune porn lots of it totally normal totally normal. The judge ruled that josh children were unsafe in josh's josh's custody and awarded temporary custody. The cox family susan's family..

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