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Are they from calgary alberta canada they're not from calgary dramatic pause upper to kind of a pair of fill led to a match new they won again proving the point gable benjamin had not a credible team any longer after lose but speaking of credible teams users cut a pro backstage as their walk in talking in walking and talking with smoke and everything like that walking don't walk at night they away from the night and then resume out and we see it on a television monitor that gets bludgeoned lucar harper got to play with his hammer on tv set at aircraft and as they match that fake tv up and left the styrofoam okay i have to like applied the editing on this the fact that they were able to get that so seemless four try the show i mean because you have the fate tv you had the image of the the use soaps promo on the tv and then you are able to perfectly cut it so when they smashed the tv the video and away so whoever edited that in tire sequence you need a raise like eating you need more money 'cause that was very very well done star for most hostile was ahmed saying about sire front i mean that's technically the proper person as a completely are but prompted obama but still very children got to smash tv they look very happy with themselves but also were moving towards feared the children versus the eu shows which give them those goddamn titles was to help me god i'm driving to connecticut throw thorough at what was a pretty good lamp on sarah logan it's great wise lesbian sister charlotte beat ray wired lesbians as a kid a sinner logan above yes next week you'll be sixwoman tag should be fun it should be fun i'm a little sad that third they're kinda jobbing out the riot squad a little bit but i guess it you have to you because the riot squad and absolution story lines are connected anna it seems that whatever they were gonna do with them they've dropped it completely which pop my guest as they were building draft solution versus the riot squad this kind of what my feeling is fast what they were going for which is why those two were showing her twined and now with page potentially done that sort of killed that story line and subsequently killed gert.

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