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All right pittsburgh fans welcome back to the second part of the steelers preview podcasts. I'm jeff hartmann along with brian. Anthony davis dave scofield. And we're here to talk about some news. I want to ask you about the injury. That brian part one eric. Hebron hamstring didn't practice thursday. Dave what do you think about e brown. And what does this mean for the steelers offense. This sunday well jeff. I'm going to say that. I really wish i would have had more time because it was an interesting question that i wanted to to answer and that was. How often did ibran get a day off during the week last year and it wasn't always wednesday. That's by only saving grace to this right now. Is that perhaps. This was just kind of his. They couldn't exact you can't give them a day off if they have any kind of injury you know you have to then just yet the report the injury if they are not practicing So i'm hoping maybe that's it and we'll turn around and see him full tomorrow but if not i think you're gonna see a practice squad call up for the week for the weekend. What about you brian. You concerned about this hamstring injury. Hebron they had them out of practice thursday absolutely because he's a very important piece of the puzzle. I know everybody's down on him. Because of the seven drops last year he had one of the preseason as well but he makes those plays that. Make you forget about them as well. He's a very important part of the puzzle and we are seeing something that we forecasted. And we're we saw in the first game with a number of targets and the number of different targets that ben roethlisberger sable throw to last week that becomes so integral to the success of this offense. If ben's gonna get time he's gonna kill you one way or the other in eric brown needs to be in there to be a huge weapon. You need to kill teams with eric..

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