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Publishing maybe more like what they are and you know the security world or the cryptography world and we're excited to navigate that transition where we can still get as many of the benefits of openness as we can while also kind of respecting our ethical obligation to not do harm right well dario you've been very generous with your time i am very thankful for you coming on software engineering gaily thanks for writing such a great paper it was thought provoking and i enjoyed talking to you thanks for inviting me go cd is a continuous delivery tool created by thought works it's open source and free to use and go cd has all the features you need for continuous delivery model your deployment pipelines without installing any plug ins use the value stream map to visualize your into end workflow and if you use cooper netease go cd is a natural fit to add continuous delivery to your project with go cd running on cooper netease you define your build workflow and let go cd provisions and scale your infrastructure on the fly go cd agents use cougar netease to scale as needed checkout go cd dot org slash s daily and learn about how you can get started go cd was built with the learnings of the thought works engineering team who have talked about building the product in previous episodes of software engineering daily and it's great to see the continued progress on kgo cd with the new kuban.

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