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And you know he still playing way too much for a catcher so i i fear the half drop in batting average like every year for this guy but um you know i was a little bit like i treated you and i made a catcher challenged trade a couple of years ago when assembling and i clearly lost that deal itself raises is heating for more power now he's saying to eighty nine he's ahead opposing which is kind of hard to believe if it's the guy i think it is i really need a back and nl talent may not that he knows number eleven for the seat tyler flowers of the number nine cats are for the season owned an eighteen percent of leagues and many pena is owned nine percent so like if you need catcher help you're just looking at the wrong places people i mean there fifteen tells you all you need to know about catchers austin barnes wow you know kurt suzuki a hill eleven home runs and he's done it like in in eight different innings in the season i heard on the pro and the broadcast yesterday kurt suzuki i mean like he's out about a year than like russell martin and like a lot of catchers who were drafted newspaper where just wasting kyle what are you guys was is to build i met if you want some numbers behind peres 230 better in the second half row as three years so there's something to be said for him playing every day i mean i've had him in leagues and and so interesting i'm well aware he has not been a very good second half way don't get who replaced many games he has a human body holed up to do that like us doing the show every day kyle sunlight back you know we are durable you're like hell ray every every single we never ever mrs show oh no one ever lovers effort had go on vacation and.

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