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Who are cynical about the viewers put out at the very moment that Christian Yelich seems to find his swing. The Brewers best hitter is is Eduardo Escobar went down. The thing is, I As there's been no report that I've heard of from the Brewers on Escobar. They had did an MRI yesterday and He's tweeting about other stuff, but they have not put them on the D L but they don't play until tomorrow. I keep saying deal. It's the injured list. They don't play until tomorrow before they have to make a roster movement. Uh, if Yelich is coming around and we lose Escobar, probably a wash, right? Because we want yelling to come around and have the kind of year that Escobar was having. So if you lose Escobar and you had been getting nothing from yelling, but What if you could have that entire offensive lineup healthy? You'd have Quite a team that I think the thing about. Escobar's injury is Of all the injuries that just seem to take forever to get better isn't hamstring near the top of the list. Forever. I mean, the thing is, you can sometimes play through them, but they just take forever. I mean, it's amazing. You could hit your hand with a hammer and it'll hurt like hell. And within a day that hand is fied. Hamstring is just it never gets better. Why is that? Yeah, Paul says he thinks he they didn't know MRI. There's been no result at it. Other than hamstrings always seemed to be at least 2 to 3 weeks. Um, and that's It's the slightest little tweet. But boy the way he pulled up It just reminded me so much of the Jimmy Nelson injury. The only reason it happened is because they had the shift on and made a play normally the ball just to the right field, and Escobar gets the job to first base at the bet. Worst injuries are the ones that occur because you're hustling. He was driving so hard to try to get to first base and beat out the throat. Would the guy I feel that by the way, do you know what Jimmy Nelson's up to this year? See, I have. I'm actually proud of myself. I am on top of more sports right now that I have than I ever have. I'm right down to all these Packer roster moves. Jimmy Nelson is a major contributor for a National League contender. Guess which one? Take a guess. Well, it's a nationally contender. Take a guess You might get it right. There's only five or six contenders we have in this league. It is the Dodgers. He's pitching out of the bullpen for the Dodgers said he's doing the, uh He's kind of doing the box burger kind of thing that middle to late inning relief, but not the closer, Ed. I hope he doesn't do well against us, but that Jimmy Nelson injury I mean, he was on the way to being Just a superstar. Major league baseball pitcher Ed Miller is down for three years, but he's recovered and he's pitching well this year for the Dodgers. See, I'm on these things. I'm on these things. I I just I still just don't know what the Packers are going to do. What wide receiver I mean. Malik Taylor had another good game. They can't cut him, Can they? Well, then who do you cut? You cut Lazard. Causes of the bubble. A lizard is good. He's six ft five. He's got great heads. The thing is, you could keep seven wide receivers. But you know why they probably can't. They're probably gonna have to keep three quarterbacks because I think they don't trust Jordan loves health or what his skill set that for him to be the only backup I know. So I mean, if you keep three quarterbacks, you can't really keep seven because they have to keep four tight ends because of the players that are involved there, and four tight ends probably still means sternberger getting cut. I know. I just thought I just hate giving up talented player said for you know why they have this issue with too many wide receivers, don't you? Because Aaron Rodgers sister do we bring back Randall Cobb, and they can't cut Cobb after Rogers made us get him what he is the one thing that Roger that they actually did that Roger's letter. Did you bring that Cobb? You can't go hacking them off by cutting the only guy that he insisted that we bring out bring back so I made copies just guaranteed to make the team. I mean, he's just Yeah. That somebody does. Well, then I hope that that would happen, though, before they released somebody because whoever the Packers cut wide receiver will be picked up and in the NFL and maybe start For it. I mean, Saint Brown's go on for sure, but I mean of that group of Lazard, Funches and Malik Taylor, I m V s is on the team. I mean that the bubble is the guys at the end those 31 of the three between Punches desired and Malik Taylor is going to be cut and I mean, I've been complaining my entire It seems like from the mud at the birth, Brett farmers here complaining that we didn't give the quarterback enough tools. We finally have a lot of tools that receiving end You're right, because a couple get hurt. I don't know that I want to get rid of two of them now. The Cobra while you come out of Jake, you know, you know, also had a great game against the Bears A Stravinsky termite damage is hilarious. I mean, Robiskie had a very, very good game against the bears. In the meantime, In the meantime, Justin Fields did not play that well. Yeah, he is going to start the season. I mean, I think they're crazy. I think you never want a rookie quarterback to start the season. They always benefit from time. I mean, hardly at Carson Wentz had a very good rookie season, but almost none of them looked very good as rookies. Recovered all of that now football. We're done with that, too. The NFL pack. His last preseason game is this weekend. No people seem mixed up about this. You know, they have two weeks off that Yes. Why do people not seem to understand this? Because it's no They have three preseason games..

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