Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Jill Stein discussed on The Laura Ingraham Show


Of facebook ads promoting some candidates and attacking other candidates and the candidates the attacked included people like marco rubio and jeb bush and the candidates they promoted included jill stein and bernie sanders but in any event what they did was was a drop of water in the ocean and the the idea that it swung the election to trump as as james clapper now says is absurd well not only is it absurd but but james clapper himself has has disclaimed any such and such claim on january six twenty seventeen he testified before the senate intelligence committee and he's being questioned here by senator tom cotton and senator cotton asks director clapper he was the director of deny at that time he said director clapper you said to senator mccain earlier quote the russian are excuse me quote the intelligence community cannot gauge the impact close quote the election of russian activity is that because that kind of electoral analysis is not a task that's within the traditional responsibility and skill sets of the intelligence services and clapper says that's correct and senator cotton says that's something that's more suited for someone like sean trende or michael barone or nate silver election analysts that have written extensively on the election and james clapper says well it certainly isn't within the purview of the intelligence community and that's absolutely right the intelligence committee has no competence.

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