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And people should look into and on twitter he seemed to make a threat with all the fake news coming out of nbc and the networks at what point is it appropriate to challenge their licence bad for contrary john carr with us live from the white house of john aside from the headline involving the us nuclear arsenal there's also other major news out of the white house tonight the president announcing his pick to replace john kelly as secretary of homeland security the white house has announced that the president will nominate kerstin nielsen to be the new secretary of homeland security she is somebody who knows kelly quite well she served as his chief of staff over at the department of homeland security and is currently the principal deputy chief of staff here at the white house david giancarlo our thanks to you meanwhile the president is in harrisburg pennsylvania tonight talking about his proposed tax plan and making some new promises about how much middle class families which save under the plan to let's get right to cecilia vega she's traveling with the president tonight celia hey david good evening to you president trump says the typical american family will save four thousand dollars a pay raise he is calling us and that's because he's claiming that this will come from cuts to the corporate tax rate but this is a tax reform plan got to say with few details right now some expert that have been looking over this plant say it's actually the top 1 percent of income earners who will earn and win the most out of this this plan and they will add trillions to the federal deficit but you know this is the administration's top priority david they are out here pushing hard now president trump has to convince congress because it's not just democrats who are skeptics david their republican skeptics too all right cecilia vega with us tonight as well sicilia thank you at next tonight ten young men under arrest in the suspected hazing death of a college student in louisiana the lsu freshman died after attending a fraternity pledge event called bible study here's abc's stevenson saami.

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