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Cleese recently. And we're watching a lot of monty python. And even though they didn't have that broadcast there was a lot of blackouts in in what they did in the nineteen seventies so in not always necessarily a punchline just they would just go onto the next thing in early would you often with Kovacs. It was the idea behind the whole sketch that was funny and not so much the execution or the structure of it but the concept of what he was doing was hilarious. Terry Gilliam says and you have this booklet. That comes with the the the box set from short factory from factory. Terry Gilliam Cut. The Kovac showed knocked me sideways into a world where the bizarre and the daft and the preposterous all lived happily happily alongside wisdom whitten perception. I had never experienced anything so visually absurd and inventive so you you've just You were with Terry Terry recently. Yeah we did. A Kovac centennial event in London at the BFI. For the Monty Python. Fiftieth Anniversary. And I got to meet Terry Gilliam. And and he couldn't have been nicer and couldn't have been more complimentary about Ernie and I'd Never mad magazine. And Ernie Kovacs were the things that are similar to work Kertzman later. Yeah that's how mcleese yeah And he was totally influenced by. It's funny we were talking about the blackouts. Earning used music. A lot of ways and python used Terry Gilliam's animation into kind of Segue from one sketch to the next bring things back and all that so the very co vaccine thing that I think that they were doing purely with Terry regaling because they had never seen it. So Terry Gilliam's kid in Minnesota Group into Ernie Kovacs on the national show obviously wasn't going to get the show from philly now. Yeah now yeah. Yeah but and look at look at the generations. Well it's the the way. The Sky is influencing comedy for decades to come. Did this day to this day. Yeah Yeah I I love hearing that sort of my mission this year. One Hundred Years Centennial. You kinda you gotTa Make Make Hay someway. I really feel like this is Ernie's you know year to kind kind of make sure that people remember him what what's scary and I mean Franken I I think the reason we do the show. Look people whole. Don't remember who the Marx Brothers and Jack Benny are. You're lucky if they remember. Paul Newman is point. Yeah sure yeah and I I was. We were talking to some twenty year old. And he didn't know who David Letterman was. That's how quickly. Yeah it's like you're gone for a week. So Ernie Kovacs. I mean if you're gonNA remember anyone you might remember Benny or Groucho Ernie Kovacs completely. Well the the thing that's crazy is that This year we've done all these events and I kind of started to reach out to people besides Comedians so I reached out to some musicians. Gerald Casale from devaux was a huge huge fan and we did a panel with with him and some other people. We also had Chris Stein from bloody. I was surprised to find these Kovacs fans and and a wilner learn and and it was really like Christine. Had this moment where we were talking with him we just. I was so lucky to grow up. In this era I was in New York and I was a kid and I just thought this was was like you know you're bringing me back to a moment and I think that is the interesting thing is that it actually elicit something and people that saw him at the time that You know reminds some of their youth or something that was really great about Growing up and what interests fascinates me about Ernie Kovacs. What fascinated me about old movies and that was finding out how they would achieve special effects and they actually get the hands dirty cut things and pace things and fat fashion fashion? Now it's like if you ask. How did you achieve this special effect win like pursed this Knob? And that makes fire appear and then I press this Button and a dragon comes off but then he was always working without a budget wasn't yeah or No budget and even when he was finishing the horse yeah and and then toward the end The special he was doing. ABC He had a bunch of but he was still doing shows with dime-store novelty toys. And stuff like that and kitchen utensils dancing around to ask savell. But that's a thing where you know Those music videos that he would do you look at those and you think oh they would just take it one shot at a time but they were actually sustained sustained performance takes so where every cut you see is happening in the control room. Which means he's got to lay out the entire studio with all the forks and knives and the blender and everything? The people have to be all around pulling wires right on the beat Turning things on and off and it was it's like you said because you know somebody made this thing As opposed to somebody click on something. Th there's something about knowing it was done by a human sure that it makes this more of a connection and and nowadays like the most you know a star wars or Jurassic Park could be made by a two year old on their phone. Yeah nothing whatever. And he's great things that He trusted his crew and he had ideas but he basically would say you do it and I think the crew really loved him and wanted to you work hard because they got to do these great things they figure it out exactly and they got to do stuff. There was much more involved than just. Here's a living room set. Now we're done. I mean they got to to play with toys and and have fun with. I think that's that's one of the main reasons that besides the money ends of the old overtime they're getting but they were. They got to be creative and make like you can get their hands dirty. He dumped water on somebody. Audition goats run through restaurants in Abe suits. I mean this sounds like the early letterman show. It's in some ways it sounds like Conan's first show on NBC too. Because obviously Conan I think has been on the record as saying that Ernie Needy on the back wall of his set. I oh I think on that show. Oh I think that's true very good. Yeah what was Howard. The world's strongest aunt tell our listeners. Venue might have to jump twelve Howard. The world's strongest man was a segment that Dernie did on a semi regular basis on his daily half hour show on NBC for a year and a half and it was a shot of a miniature and eighty would do the voice of how are the world's strongest and you'd see they'd manipulated of course with magnets the best they could with no rehearsal moving chairs around. And now he's GonNa play a game of pool and picnic and it was all eighties. He's e- partially improv improvise. But it was her voice as the world's strongest and people sent in gifts for Howard the world's strongest and Ernie would hold them up on this show and we got these gifts and then whoever was would get a you know a watch or radio in the mail as a thank you but people sent in gifts for the characters and now that you've mentioned let's get your mom your into the act your how. How did they? I mean she was discovered on. Arthur Godfrey's talent scouts. Yes absolutely and Ernie would sad like to take credit but he couldn't well his his producer reducer basically said Kita show in Philadelphia and said to my my mom like. Would you like to come down to meet this guy. You Know Ernie Kovacs and she thought Colfax Dan Colfax Kovacs and They went and she went down. There thought she was going to work for a couple of weeks and turned into a pretty good partnership and Ernie Ernie was married at the time and it was not going well and at some point they got divorced and my mom and Ernie then started dating and had a pretty pretty whirlwind love affair for quite a while. Now now that marriage to say it didn't go well. Yeah he's an yes yes she liked he. He gave her the kids for a while because they decided in court he was the better parent he eventually. Yeah think about that as a man. Dan was given custody of his kids to happen. And then he hands them over to her to just take care of them for the day and and he doesn't see them for another two years and the crazy thing is if you think about it he had to be funny for those two yes daily live basis leases racy. He had to. He was spending money on a private detective else. He would they would say they're in you know Wherever there in Texas? This he'd get on a plane after a show and he'd fly down there. Sorry we can't find him. They're not here he was spending. I mean Ernie had a spending problem and but he had spared no expense to find his girls. He was really just distraught about this so key eventually. They found them in Florida but he spent a long time and a lot of money and being very funny on dodge. I don't think he's. He's spending like millions on detectives. Yeah who are not doing a goddamn thing and they say say the way it was tracked down his mother She was sending postcards every day to different different areas. Have you seen these girls. That could that actually doesn't sound too far up. I you know Gilbert good job. We learned some time the first time someone sprays me now. It's an educational program. Well you know it's it was. It was very sad and you know the girls literally did not know how to use a knife and fork and they were you know. My Mom told me a story that when they would be in a car and police car would drive by. They would duck because that's what they're it's a miracle that he found them. Yeah you know. And they said like the mother was just sending out a postcard up any each and and saying have you seen they look like this. Have you seen and eventually someone said. I saw two girls unbelievable. Yeah Yeah and Ernie's mom you know. God bless her. There's there's many crazy stories about this Janette affairs by Loris Lebron and the TV movies Yes yes of course. Lebron is great in that and And Jeff Goldblum is great but it was a weird situation for my mom because he's got like integrate herself into a whole a new family. It's I mean she was fairly young. Yeah she was like not even thirty and she was basically all of a sudden a mom. What I love is reading reading in her memoir which you were kind enough to send on me Singapore song that the the way she talks about meeting him how she knew instantly. She got an electric charge of her arm when he shook her hand. The Ashby says there's a video somewhere you can find it online where she says. I'd never seen a person like that and I thought to myself. I want one of those as she knew she knew she she. She was from a very white bread. You Know Presbyterian Pennsylvania background and she's you know when I saw Kovacs. I'd never seeing someone with a mustache and a cigar and look like a gangster and she thought I want one of those. It's it's sweet to read in the book to their courtship to how he was he you you know lavishing attention on her and and lavishing money of course even when he had no money yes yeah he they. It definitely had a world. My my mom was married three times but even with my dad I knew that like Ernie was the love of her life. It was it was pretty apparent. What was that piece? He took her back to the the To the House to listen to a a classical piece all the the One she had trouble listening to after he passed because it was too. It was too heartbreaking breaking for her. It's not Eric saw is pretty which I can't play. Okay but don't ask me for citing make something up and say.

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