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But there was also like it went all the way to foreign occasion, like public fornication. Wow. This must not have gone over well in a public square in a small German town. Well, it was extrordinary but seemed to be was not something you could like snap people out of they dance John Lithgow character. No, they danced until they could not dance, and there were a lot of explanations for it. Of course, most common in these early days was that it was a religious epiphany or possibly was anybody thinking it was the devil often it was they were possessed by Satan. But another explanation was that a Saint was forcing them to dance often Saint Vitus or Saint John the Baptist Saint Vitus in John the Baptist was beheaded because of skill to dance. Well, it seems very unpleasant to associate him posthumously with the art form that killed him well, but these dances are not very fun. So it's not like, you know, Saint John is here to kick off this disco John the Baptist ghost is making is putting you through something difficult because in some way, glorifies God and you know, it's a form of hair shirt. Saint Vitus is the patron Saint of dancing and also the patron Saint of epilepsy. So that's connected right connected people with early kinds of seizure related diseases would would be associated with Saint Vitus because it was thought that that was the explanation of the purpose. Right? And you know, it was there are quite a few diseases that that result in sort of spontaneous motor like unconscious motoring. We'll share you got the rockets ammonia. Either of those could have fronted true. You could be the what to see could be the boo blue Scooby v electric Google. So is there some possibility that it was some kind of biological agent? So the dancing mania at the time, obviously was or was thought of primarily as a spiritual disorder. I so this'll be a revisionist way of saying what was really going on in also happened in southern Italy, but there it was described as a taranatham which they explanation. There was that people were being bitten by tarantulas and the tarantula venom was behind this involuntary convulsion that turned into a dance, but the idea being that if someone who had been bitten by tarantula touched you or if you accidentally touched a tarantula, even if it didn't bite you, you could get tarantulas them tarantula bites. Were. Thought to be contagious. Yeah. Like it's an airport. Yeah. I mean, trash was even live in Italy, or were they just calling whatever the big spider in southern Italy was there aren't tarantulas kind of with milder bites, contemporary physicians kind of confirm that like, yes, tarantula bites can cause like Cosa tarantula species of wolf spider native to the Mediterranean was indeed the first spider given such a name. Yeah, it's a very Italian name. It was named for Toronto, not the Canadian city, but on the Gulf of Toronto which is, what would you call that? The arch of the, he'll I guess, of of Italy's boot..

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