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We like to thank our listeners for downloading our inaugural podcast today look for the next episode to draw next Monday February. The twenty fourth where. We'll talk about Senate bill. Seventeen eighty senate president pro tem. Greg treats legislation to sunset the Merit Protection Commission. If you're interested in sponsoring our work here to keep observer cast going please contact us at four zero five four seven eight eight seven zero zero or email arnold at a Hamilton at up okay. Observer DOT ORG. That's A. H. A. M. I. L. T. O. N. At O. K. O. B. S. T. R. V. E. R. Dot Org. No you'll be reaching a highly engaged information Hungary audience through your sponsorship. Please subscribe to our podcast as well share on social media if you like what you hear and help us keep the proverbial lights on here for our podcast. We also WANNA thank governor. David Walters former state Senator Cal Hobson and minority leader representative. Emily Virgin for sitting down with us and lending their insight to us. Also thanks to the Pioneer Library system and the good folks who helped us out at the makers lab at the sparkling new Norman Central Library. Where portions of this episode were recorded and finally they music you're hearing is by Oklahoma artists. Jared Day a fellow resident of Norman. His latest album bully pulpit is available for purchase and he's playing at Hollywood corners and March. Learn more at Jared. Deck MUSIC DOT COM OBSERVER CAST IS POWERED BY THE OKLAHOMA OBSERVER. Democracy Foundation striving to help create a better more informed Oklahoma to support the foundation. Please visit okay. Observer DOT ORG and. Click on the donate button. Also we'd like to offer a special dollar ninety nine a month digital subscription to the observer itself for those who sign up and subscribe to our podcast that sixty percent off the regular one year digital only cost forty dollars the dollar ninety nine per month costs will go up to three ninety nine after the first year which is still a low rate for the high quality content that only the Observer can provide. Thank you for joining us this week for the first episode of observer cast..

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