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President Biden's home in Wilmington, Delaware. Stay with WTO for more on these top stories in just minutes. Time now, 9 48. Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks, here's Jack. Couple issues still with us in Virginia on the George Washington Parkway going northbound, looking better as you approach an earlier crash, north the Roosevelt island, headed up toward the key bridge, had been blocking the left lane. We are slower as you approach the beltway northbound. The ramp to the inner loop, we had one slide off the roadway right side. At one point, the ramp was blocked, but you're now getting by to the left side. There is that chance they may block that ramp, but for now, you are getting by along the left side of the roadway. Beltway laid slow down, inner loop, as you approach Braddock road headed toward two 36, 66 looking good between Gainesville and roslin, east and west, same on I 95 between Springfield and Fredericksburg north and southbound without late delays. Going north on three 95, a little heavy passing edsel road, then the rest of the ride all the way up toward the 14th should find nothing in your way. It's a good-looking ride on the beltway, Maryland, prince George's county, you're doing great between college park and the Wilson bridge, top side out of the still a little bit of a delay, as you leave 95, basically New Hampshire river toward Georgia avenue in a slowdown, two 70s good to go between Bethesda and Frederick, north and south. A couple late issues going on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, southbound before one 97, that was the broken down truck in the left lane, northbound after kenilworth avenue were reported crash then. We had a little bit of heavier traffic toward the beltway that earlier broken down vehicle before four 95 may have cleared from the left lane. I 97 slow to recover northbound the crash after route 100, I believe, completely off the roadway, to the left side. Late issue in the district headed north on I two 95 again near suitland Parkway, word of another crash this morning. Jack Taylor TOP traffic. Storm team fours chuck bell, we've gotten a little bit of everything this morning, rainy, then sunny, and now pretty cloudy out there. Yeah, these clouds are going to be tough. The sunshine that we had

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