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Show KFI. Debra Mark has news. This child investigation regarding no about contoss has now been escalated to a homicide case the police chief in corona says, the father of an eight year old boy missing for more than a month is now facing charges of murder and torture chief George Johnstone says Jillian Godfrey the mother of Noah MacIntosh isn't jail on child abuse charges. She called police March twelfth Jillian advised. She had not been able to contact for almost two weeks officers attempted to contact the father Bryce back into us residents. However, he not answer a warrant was served. The next day and Bryce McIntosh was arrested. The families of four girls who say they were molested by teacher have filed a lawsuit against the school district. Daniel Rios was a teacher at a Royal high. He was accused of molesting five girls in two thousand sixteen. He ended up reaching a plea agreement and was sentence. To just nine days in jail attorney Michael Korea says a parent told the principal that really was inappropriately massaging students as early as twenty fourteen instead of contacting law enforcement within thirty six hours as required by law at for a mandate. A reporter she conducted her own investigation, and she found that he did nothing Roz parent of one of the girls says that was a chance to stop Rios should have never. She says the lawsuit is a chance for Justice in south Pasadena. Chris ancarlo KFI news, stay democratic lawmakers have introduced a package of bills and action items to stop future college admission scams, we've all watched in complete disgust by the outright fraud committed in the recent college admission scandal across the country and in California assemblyman, Kevin McCarty says he wants to explore doing away with the SAT and ACT standardized tests. He says he also wants oversight in place to verify special admissions, especially in sports and the city of Chicago is going after empire actor Jesse smell let for one hundred. Thirty thousand dollars for what it costs to investigate. The hate crime smollet reported in January cops say smollet stage the attack prosecutors charged him with sixteen felonies. But all the charges were dropped this week. Chicago Mayor Ron annual this Millette should pay for the hoax when he does pay the city back on just purely what the taxpayers of fronted in that memo section. Hiya, right. I'm sorry. And I'm accountable for what I've done the mayor and the police chief have criticized the decision to drop the charges. We have a crash.

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