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Nine to the seventy Sixers at TD garden Kemba Walker had twenty nine points for Boston they fall to ten and one at home seventeen and seven overall now they're off until Wednesday when they play at Dallas the Boston Bruins losing streak now eight five that dropped to three two decision to the lightning at Tampa Bay Patrice Bergeron and John Moore had goals for the Bruins are still lead the Atlantic with forty six points the gonna play the Panthers and that's coming up on the road tomorrow former Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas as a concussion in his final NHL season led to some brain damage before his induction into the U. S. hockey hall of fame and emotional Thomas said that he had trouble communicating with anybody for years I guess he's on the road to recovery now though winter meetings are over in San Diego not much activity for the red Sox they finished with the sax agreeing to a one year deal with former Reds infielder Jose Peraza MLB network reports is worth nearly three million dollars within centers berasa was non tendered by the rage of this basically means Brock holds term of the red Sox's over Rick Porcello signs a one year ten million dollar deal with the Mets patriots play the bangles Sunday in Cincinnati New England has lost back to back games to the Texans in the chiefs they are now attended three patriots are a game behind the ravens for the top seed in the AFC because the ravens won last night Baltimore topping the New York Jets forty two twenty one last night at home to win their second straight AFC north title ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson he threw for two hundred and twelve yards with five touchdown passes increasing his NFL leading total to thirty three is looking more and more like the MVP this year and former NBA commissioner David stern underwent emergency surgery yesterday after the seventy seven year old suffered a sudden brain hemorrhage as a look at newsradio nine twenty and one of four seven FM sports five fifty six good morning prince to Providence is going to be coming back to Trinity rep next see Trinity announcing that the bridge to Providence is going to return to the theater from the summer of twenty twenty one to close out Trinity's twenty twenty twenty twenty one season they play based on the former journal reporter Mike Stanton this book about the late Vincent body the SI body CNC broke numerous records a trendy during a seven week run this year so Trinity said more than thirteen thousand people saw the show in their two hundred and fifty seat Dowling theatre show played to one hundred percent capacity an audience members came from thirty states according to Trinity tickets to the twenty twenty one shows will be available to subscribers only until spring of twenty twenty one with two thousand nineteen two thousand twenty subscribers granted full first access in February details and schedule and cast will be announced later friends provident so successful touching that the trend is going to be bringing it back not going to say I told you so but I told you so bad hair cut into an even worse day for one Barbara Hershey candidate for broke over the week fox's John saucier reports sixty three year old Brian Martin owns a delta barber shop the same versus Kobe area he says he's been cutting the hair of ruby Delgadillo's son for over a year he also says the twenty year old mother tried to kill him apparently the mom noticed a small Nick on her son's neck and rammed her car into the barber smashing into a glass storefront and breaking his leg the barber says the cut happen because the boy wouldn't sit still the mother ended up sitting still and a concert Costa county jail cell after turning yourself in John saucier a fox news five fifty seven now have you cheated on your partner financially Boston College researchers found a third of people they spoke to said that they're dishonest when it comes to their spending habits and they lied to their partner about what they're buying and how often they buy we also found people who do this are enticed if they can pay cash for items or if the items can be delivered in inconspicuous packaging the scientists call for more studies to be done on financial infidelity noting that it's very common in relationships and can have a very negative impact sometimes making a bed well it can take for ever least it feels that way and recently a Twitter user with the handle and shenanigans love admitted that she puts three condom three fitted sheets on her bed at once so that saves time and effort when changing up the sheets the tweet went viral quickly getting twelve thousand likes hundreds of replies to some said that she had a great idea about it others argued that the sheets underneath the dirty and that it's difficult enough to keep one fitted sheet on perfectly stretched out and wrinkle free so why would you add more on top of it I don't know I think that's kind of I'm not going to call an ingenious but it certainly clever and why would the sheet beneath the web of the sheep beneath be dirty how do you figure that so this woman reveals that she puts three fitted sheets on her bed at the time good for you in case it's just too difficult to wait for your pizza without knowing exactly where it is dominos is going to be rolling out delivery with real time GPS tracking nationwide in twenty twenty the chain already has features that allow customers to see where their pizza is in the process of everything including when it's being prepped when it's in the oven and then when I sent out for delivery but with this new feature you can actually track the delivery person on route.

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