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Down almost Brian Calvert is here to explain this is the ongoing work to connect the current tracks that run north and south to the new east side light rails the project means no trains this weekend between Capitol Hill and Soto mattress Jeff's whites who says there will be running buses along those rail routes it doesn't carries many people is to train some really need people to plan ahead to make sure that they're traveling with a little extra time because it's gonna take a little bit longer to get through traffic during some parts of the day over the biggest change for this weekend's closure is that it all begins tonight in other words if you have plans downtown this evening that involved a train ride home like real closes at nine PM service through Seattle between sewed on Capitol Hill is not resume until early Monday again they're planning to use buses to connect writers who have to get off the train Brian Calvert co Monia if you use highway ninety nine overnight or even in the early morning you'll have to make other plans a ten night closure of the First Avenue south bridge begins tonight as crews update the system that allows that span to open and close for marine traffic all southbound lanes of the First Avenue south Bridge will close tonight at nine they'll stay closed until the next morning at eight as can be like this through February sixteenth investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a deadly apartment fire in south Seattle early this morning that all happened around two thirty in the fourteen hundred block of south Colombian way just west of Jefferson park playground that fire continue just one unit but when cruise got the flames out they found one person dead inside Coble's Ryan Yamamoto reports no one else was hurt there was a bad car crash along Westlake Avenue north in Seattle overnight it happened just north of the west like green belt fire officials tell us the original call was for three people trapped in one of those cars everyone made it out okay it's raining it was also foggy at the time there is no word yet on what exactly caused the crash call most Kelly Koopmans a group of sixth and seventh grade girls from the federal we school district learned all about science technology engineering and mathematics are stem yesterday the event was held at the museum.

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